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  2. Origins and history • Outlaw is a Magazine that was founded in 2002 and made its name admired throughout the UK in 2003 • The headquarters of Outlaw Magazine is in Newcastle • Outlaw Magazine is on sale every week in every store near you • The Magazine also has its own advertisments and sponsers • The editor of this magazine is Mr. Gino Mitchell

  3. Variety and Genres • Outlaw Magazine mainly focuses on the genre of hip-hop but also includes sub genres of the magazinewhich it will also be covering such as: • Alternative hip hop- Turntablism- Acid rap - Christian hip hop- Comedy hip hop - Conscious hip hop - Freestyle rap - Gangsta rap - Hardcore hip hop- Horrorcore - Instrumental hip hop - Mafioso rap - Nerdcore hip hop - Political hip hop - Baltimore club- Brick city club - Chicano rap - Mobb music- Native American hip hop

  4. Editorial Style • Reading this magazine you might find the use of slang used a lot in terms of hip hop and the way the hip-hop artists such as in interviews we copy down what the artists say word from word we do not change it. • Letter from the editorial is always available at the front of the page • There Are various images and descriptions and different layouts

  5. Target Audience and Demographic • The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers. Issued quarterly, the magazine's target demographic is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture .This magazine is targeted at those aged 18 and above who understand and know the use of the laguage of music such as the slang and such • There will be images of topless models and such to appeal to the men more than the women • We will be advertising top wear and also foot wear with our artist publishing them to the view that if our audience see our artist wearing them they would feel that is the new fashion about and would want to get them as well

  6. Publication And Competitors • The publishing house of our magazine is Wicks Group of Companies The Vibe has also been bought by this publishing house. • We are competing with The Vibe, The Source and XXL for top hip-hop music magazine.

  7. Website • We have our own myspace which is magzine • As well as having our own personal website where you can find out the following news, music, photos , our histoy, blog etc. • It has an eyecatching layout and the audeince will also find this site useful