local and remote data n.
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Local and Remote Data PowerPoint Presentation
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Local and Remote Data

Local and Remote Data

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Local and Remote Data

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  1. Local and Remote Data Milind Lele

  2. Data Access VFP has always had a strong data access story Native, local format Very fast and lightweight But limited in some ways Allows access to remote non-VFP databases, for… Very large data Secure and highly reliable storage Multiuser environments

  3. Remote Data Access Data access can be thru SQL Pass Through (SPT) queries, or views Got better with VFP 9 Newer data types (VarChar, VarBinary, …) Transaction support CursorAdapter and XML Adapter enhancements

  4. CursorAdapters Provide a uniform way of accessing data of various types (incl non-tabular) Can add them to containers Data environments, forms, etc. The data source is only a pipe to the translation layer

  5. Using local and remote data DataEnvironment defines the source for the data (tables, views or relationships) Can be local or remote Can be saved with a form/report Form ControlSource can be bound to fields in the view

  6. Other tools Data Explorer Browse, query and optionally manipulate the data source Upsizing Wizard Upsize data from VFP data source type to a SQL Server database

  7. VFP Report System Richard Stanton

  8. Overall Designed to be backward compatible Old report system still included Improvements in all areas:Designing, Running and Outputting reports

  9. Design Time Experience Improved interface with easier to use dialogs Load DataEnvironments Absolute Positioning Protection to lock down designer in runtime Font character sets support added for internationalization

  10. Multiple Detail Bands Additional detail bands can be added to support multiple 1-many relations Detail bands can be used to calculate percent of total and other pre-calculated values

  11. New Output New Preview, now matches printed output Output to images, XML and HTML ReportListener class can be used to modify reports during runtime.

  12. Extensibility Designer dialogs can be customized and new features can be added New output formats can be added Preview can be replaced, or content displayed directly on a form. New features can be added to preview

  13. Tablet PC and VFP Y. Alan Griver

  14. The good news • Many things just work! • Buttons, Checkboxes, Option Buttons, etc. • Clicking, selecting, dragging

  15. If you want ink • Install the Tablet PC SDK - • Two controls • Microsoft InkEdit • Microsoft InkPicture

  16. Microsoft InkEdit Control • Accepts ink • Calls up the Tablet Input Panel on request (TIP) • Key PEMs • InkInsertMode – Is ink converted to text (default) or left as Ink • InkMode – Is ink accepted? Are gestures accepted? • Recognize() – manually calls ink recognition

  17. Microsoft InkPicture Control • Allows free form ink drawing • Key PEMs • EditingMode – Is the control in ink mode, erase mode or selection mode? • EraserMode – Should erasing happen by stroke or by point? • Painting() – Occurs when the picture is being redrawn

  18. Demo A simple Ink enabled form

  19. Where to get more information • Creating Tablet PC Applications with Microsoft Visual FoxPro - • Video of VFP Application Using Ink -