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Making Predictions PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Predictions

Making Predictions

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Making Predictions

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  1. Making Predictions • What is a prediction? • A prediction is when you make a guess about what might happen next, using evidence from the text . • Why are predictions helpful when you read? • They’re helpful because it helps you • think while you read and keep you engaged!

  2. Let’s practice a few predictions! • Let’s read this short passage and predict what might happen next~ • Johnny had studied long and hard for his test. He made flash cards and practice all of the definitions night after night for a week. Today was the day he would get his grade back. • How do you predict Johnny did on his test? • He probably did a good job. What evidence tells us this? • He studied long and hard!

  3. Let’s try this one! • Jamie had been awake until midnight at a sleep over with her friend. She had a big soccer game the next day against their rival team. Jamie was the goalie. When she woke up at 7:00 for her game, she was a little groggy, but suited up and got ready to go. • How do you think Jamie did at her game? • She probably didn’t do as good as she could have. • What evidence tells you this? • Jamie was up all night and didn’t get her rest.

  4. Here is one last passage… • Jimmy was a generous, kind boy. He was always going out of his way and helping others. One day at lunch, there was a new boy, Josh, at school. When they arrived at lunch, Josh had nowhere to go. He tried to sit at a few tables with some people, but they told him, “This seat is taken,” or “Find somewhere else to sit.” Jimmy saw Josh wandering around and knew he was new to school. • What do you think Jimmy did? • He probably invited Josh to sit with him. • Why do you think this? • Because Jimmy is a kind, generous boy.

  5. Let’s review… • A prediction is… • when you make a guess about what might happen next, using evidence from the text • Great! Now we’re going to do a read aloud and practice making predictions using evidence from the text!