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Making Predictions PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Predictions

Making Predictions

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Making Predictions

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  1. Making Predictions Reading Strategy #1 6th Grade

  2. What is a Prediction? • A prediction is a “smart guess” or a logical assumption about what will happen next • You use your background knowledge (what you already know) with what is in the text to make a good prediction • Tip 1: Before reading the passage, look at the title or heading of the text; this may help you predict what the text will be about • Tip 2: If there are graphic images, look at them carefully (charts, tables, pictures, etc.)

  3. Prediction Vocabulary • predict: to make a logical assumption about what will happen next • verify: to prove to be true • support: to offer proof • revise: think about something again in order to make improvements

  4. Making Predictions I predict that: Evidence #1 Source:

  5. Making Predictions Jessie and Freddie put on their snow suits. They got their hats, boots, and scarves. They went outside and began to roll the snow in three large balls. They put the largest ball on the bottom and stacked the snow balls on top of each other. They went to look for two sticks. Make a Prediction…

  6. Practice with Predictions Once there was a man, neither young nor old, and his name was Wainaina. He lived alone on his farm at the forest edge, in the house he had built himself. The house was small but that did not matter, for whenever Wainaina opened his door, or drew back his curtain he could see the blue peaks of Mount Kenya. Up they rose like church spires and whenever Wainaina saw them, his spirits soared too - high in the blue.      "I'm lucky to be alive," he'd say. But then he would sigh, "If only I had a wife to share this with."      A wife indeed! So why couldn't Wainaina find himself a good woman when the countryside was alive with good women? And why, when a village girl caught his eye, did she walk straight on by, before he'd said hello? This was what he asked himself, day in day out, as he sowed and hoed and tended his crops. -Study Island Resource

  7. Practice with Predictions Which of the following statements most accurately predicts what happens later in the story? A. He will begin to grow potatoes instead of corn. B. Wainaina will look for a wife. C. Wainaina will move away to a new town. D. He will build another house.

  8. Practice with Predictions Every Saturday last summer my father and I shared something special. We would get up really early, before the sun came up. Creeping quietly through the house, we would get dressed and eat a silent breakfast. Finally, we would grab our poles and leave. We would arrive to the pond before the birds started singing and cast our lines into the still water. It was so peaceful we wouldn't even talk. We would just sit in silence and wait for the fish.

  9. Practice with Predictions What will the narrator most likely do next summer? A. The narrator will visit his grandparents in another state. B. The narrator will try to go fishing with his father again. C. The narrator will work in a local restaurant. D. The narrator will spend his summer at a wilderness camp.

  10. Practice with Predictions • The days went by slowly, quietly and most importantly, without any rain. There had been no rain in the valley for as long as the children could remember. The wells were starting to bring up muddy brown water and clothes had to be washed in yesterday's dishwater. The lawns had faded to a crisp biscuit color and the flowers drooped their beautiful heads. Even the trees seemed to hang their branches like weary arms. The valley turned browner and drier and thirstier, every hot, baking day.     The townsfolk grew worried and would murmur to each other when passing with much shaking of heads. They would look upwards searching for rain clouds in the blue, clear sky, but none ever came.

  11. Practice with Predictions What will most likely happen next in the story? A. The townsfolk try to convince people to move to their valley. B. The townsfolk look for water since it won't rain. C. The townsfolk throw a huge party to celebrate the lack of rain. D. The townsfolk decide to build a new city hall.

  12. Prediction Crystal Ball Activity: Student-Created Passage and Questions • Sara did not care too much for school. She would not complete her homework, and she would never study for quizzes or tests. One day, her parents told her that if she earned straight A’s on her report card, they would give her 100 dollars. She thought about what she could do with so much money. Sara always wanted those new gym shoes that all the cool kids were sporting but which cost a fortune. What do you predict will happen to Sara? • A. She will continue to do poorly in school. • She will beg her grandparents for those new shoes. • She will study hard and try to get straight A’s. • She will steal her parent’s money.