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Making Predictions PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Predictions

Making Predictions

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Making Predictions

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  1. Making Predictions A Good Reading Technique By: Atrisha Biesterfeld

  2. A Good Reader What are some things we have discussed that good readers do?  (Turn to the adult with you and try to recall the ideas we have previously discussed in class) When you have discussed a few, then click for the next slide.

  3. Did you talk about.... Before Reading: 1) Preview the book 2) Activate Prior Knowledge 3) Think about why you are reading this story:  • For Fun • For Information (To Learn) • To Gain Kowledge of a Subject

  4. During Reading: 1) Re-Read for Comprehesion 2) Skip what you don't know and Go Back to Try Again 3) Connect Background Knowledge

  5. After Reading: 1) Retell and Summarize 2) Discuss and Respond 3) Write About It

  6. Let's Learn a New One Making Predictons "A prediction is to make a guess of what will happen next based on what we already know"

  7. Good Readers Will.... • Make predictons about the story before the rading to get ready to read. • Make predictions during the story and confirm their pedictions to help comprehend. • Make predictions after the story to help confirm comprehension. Let's practice making predictions...

  8. With a family member, discuss your prediction of tomorrow's weather.

  9. With a family member, discuss your prediction for what you will do during recess tomorrow.

  10. With a family member, disuss what you think Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion will be about.

  11. Click on the link below to listen to Betty White read you the story Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion The view the last of the slides to find your homework assignment due I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do! Harry the Dirty Dog Read by Betty White

  12. Did you enjoy the story?

  13. Who was Harry the Dog? • How come Harry buried his brush? • What adventures did Harry go on? • Why did Harry go home? • How come Harry's famiy did not recognize him? • Was Harry happy to be home? • Was Harry's family happy to have him home?

  14. Homework What do you predict Harry will do next time he has to take a bath? Write your prediction down and/or draw a picture of your prediction.  Use details and label your drawing Due Tomorrow!

  15. Oh Yeah... Have Fun!