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Making Predictions PowerPoint Presentation
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Making Predictions

Making Predictions

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Making Predictions

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  1. Making Predictions

  2. Making Predictions • Good readers make predictions about the text they read. • Predict before and during reading. • Check your predictions by summarizing key points from your reading. • When we infer, we make predictions!

  3. Let’s Practice Predicting!

  4. Who am I? I fly in the sky. I am not an animal. I am usually white. Many people can ride in me. I am big and noisy. Who am I?

  5. I am an airplane!

  6. Who am I? I am pink. You can eat me. I am very dirty. I like to play in the mud. I say, “Oink, oink, oink!” Who am I?

  7. I am a pig!

  8. Who am I? I live in Africa. I am yellow and brown. I am a big animal. I eat leaves at the top of the tree. I have a very, very long neck. Who am I?

  9. I am a giraffe!

  10. Who am I? I am very cold. I have a carrot for a nose. I am made from snow. I am white. Who am I?

  11. I am a snowman!

  12. Who am I? I have four legs. But I cannot walk. You can sit on me. You use me every day. Who am I?

  13. I am a chair!

  14. Making Predictions • Good readers make predictions using story titles, illustrations, and clues from a story.

  15. Making Predictions with Story Titles Using the book titles only, make a prediction about what you think the book will be about.

  16. Making Predictions The Rainbow Fish

  17. Making Predictions The Biggest Snowman Ever!

  18. Making Predictions If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

  19. Making Predictions The Relatives Came

  20. Making Predictions • We make predictions based on clues from the story and what we already know!story clues + schema = prediction • Good readers revise their predictions as they read and gather evidence or clues from the text.

  21. How do good readers make predictions? Making Predictions

  22. Making Predictions Make a prediction for the following scenarios, using clues from the text and your schema!

  23. Making Predictions John wanted to buy some candy at the store, but he forgot his money at home. What do you think will happen next?

  24. Making Predictions Jenny was swinging on the swings when she heard a “SNAP!” What do you think will happen next?

  25. Making Predictions Henry had been waiting all week to go to the beach. He was all ready to go when his mom said, “I have some bad news.” What do you think will happen next?

  26. Making Predictions Beth was all alone in the basement and it was dark. The only thing she could hear was a small scratching sound. What do you think will happen?

  27. Making Predictions • Remember…. • Before you read…. • Predict what you think the story may be about • Use pictures and the book title to help you! • While you read… • Gather evidence in the story about your prediction. • Use clues from the story to help revise your prediction! • After you read… • Summarize key points from your reading. • Ask yourself, “Were my predictions correct?” If so, what evidence supports my prediction?

  28. The Prediction Wheel