msae e4215 mechanical behaviour of structural materials n.
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MSAE E4215 Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials PowerPoint Presentation
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MSAE E4215 Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials

MSAE E4215 Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials

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MSAE E4215 Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials

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  1. MSAE E4215Mechanical Behaviour of Structural Materials Lecturer: I. C. Noyan Text: Herzberg, 4th Edition-Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials

  2. In this class we will study the response of engineering materials to applied loads and displacements under diverse conditions.

  3. We will try to understand why different materials respond differently to stress and strain, and how can we modify the mechanical response.

  4. GOALS • At the end of this class, you will have a basic understanding of the processes/parameters that govern the mechanical response of engineering materials. • You will also be able to do simple variants of: • Stress and strain calculations in elastic and plastic loading regimes. • Basic fracture and fatigue lifetime calculations.

  5. Teaching Style • I believe in interactive teaching and will ask questions during lectures. • Your responses will enable me to know you over the semester. • If you do not know the answer, feel free to say “I do not know”. • These questions link the lecture material to the “real world” and may help give you a better perspective of what we are doing. • This is a survey class: each chapter really deserves its own course and has its own textbooks and monographs. Feel free to read more. I am going to assume that you know ALL the material in Callister.Do review it if you need to.

  6. Exams, grades, etc. • Midterm: (25%) • Final: (40%) • Make-up policy: Only oral make-up exams will be given to those with valid excuses. • Term paper presentations: (25%). • Homework: Assigned and due weekly-10%; Late homework loses 25% of points every day. • Office Hours: by appointment only. • Contact info: • 212-854-8919 (day) /914-238-4832(day) •

  7. Term Paper • Involves mechanical design, materials selection, manufacturing plan and sales price. • Must be simple: • Kitchen knife, • Invalid crutch, • Baseball bat, • Golf ball, • Golf club, • Glass table, etc. • You may work in pairs (2 persons per PAIR) • By the end of the second week you must give me a project schedule. • There will be a full term paper, and for those who are at Columbia, a 15 minute presentation. • The presentation will aim at raising venture capital. • The class will vote on whether it will be funded or not. • CVN students do not need to do the presentation, unless they wish to record a video and send it in.

  8. Term Paper Basics • The term paper should take a simple structure from concept to manufacture. • You must do the business case, material selection, mechanical analysis, fabrication and distribution plans. • The report contains everything in sufficient detail such that it can serve as a starting point for a real company; copies of powerpoint slides will not do. • The presentation is just your business case and highlights of the technical side. It must include net cost and net profit numbers.

  9. Syllabus

  10. The schedule is a guideline; it will be modified as needed. • References • Mechanical Metallurgy, 2nd ed., George E. Dieter • Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, T. H. Courtney • Fracture Mechanics, Fundamentals and Applications, T. L. Anderson They will be placed in reserve. I will post weekly lecture notes.

  11. Requirements • You must have, or have access to a computer. • The textbook is required.