the sadat lecture for peace n.
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  2. Past Lecturers • Ezer Weitzman (1997) President of Israel • Jimmy Carter (1998) 39th President of USA • Henry Kissinger (2000) 56th Secretary of State • Nelson Mandela (2001) Former President of the Republic of South Africa

  3. 5. Kofi Annan (2003) Former Secretary General of the United Nations 6. Mary Robinson (2004) Former President of Ireland 7. James Baker (2005) Former Secretary of State 8. Mohamed El Baradei (2006) Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

  4. The Sadat Art for Peace Competition The Annual Sadat Art for Peace Competition is sponsored by Suzanne F. Cohen in memory of her late husband Nathan L. Cohen (LAW ’69). This prestigious competition is held in conjunction with the Sadat Lecture for Peace. Through the process of a jury* selection, competition winners are chosen from an open call for artwork. The 2008 theme is Fighting Global Poverty *2008 jury consists of Suzanne Cohen, Patsy Mote, Professors Lozner, Richardson, Ruppert and Telhami.

  5. Competition Requirements: 2-Dimensional Category: Any medium (photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, digital, etc), less than 30” in any dimension. 3-Dimensional Category: Any medium, small enough to be hand-held. An entry form and a brief essay must accompany each entry.

  6. The first prize winners in both categories will have their original artwork presented to the Sadat Lecturer. In addition, several fine quality IRIS prints will be made of the 2-Dimensional piece that will be presented to other dignitaries and donors. The first and second place winners of both categories will be reproduced in the program and possibly a holiday card.

  7. 1st Place in 2-Dimensional Category: $1,000 • 2nd Place in 2-Dimensional Category: $500 • 1st Place in 3-Dimensional Category: $1,000 • 2nd Place in 3-Dimensional Category: $500

  8. This competition is open to ALL art students- undergraduate AND graduate The deadline for the art and essay this year is March 24, 2008 Drop off art and essay between 10am -2pm at the Merrill Gallery (formerly West Gallery)

  9. Previous Winners: 2-Dimensional Works Natalia Blanch, “Peace and Prayer” 1998

  10. Leila Dunsmore, “Interwoven” 2001

  11. Overlap by Ruth Bowler, 2002

  12. Virginia Arresueno “Media and Its Words”, 2003

  13. The Opposite of War Isn’t Peace by Kathryn Cappillino, 2006

  14. Previous Winners: 3-Dimensional Works Daithi O’Glaisin, “Hero”, 1998

  15. Seth Gilbertson, “Internal Discovery”, 2000

  16. David Page“Sakvol Klippietjies”2001

  17. First Stone by Marilee Schumann,2002

  18. Battle Rattles by Cal Lee, 2004

  19. Iron Heart by Judith Stone,2006

  20. Past Winners 2005 • Brian Sykes-- first prize for sculpture, "Techniques" • Amanda Foust -- first prize for 2-dimensional work, "Transparencies” • Karen Tillakos-- second prize for sculpture, "Circle of Nations" • Judith Stone-- second prize for 2-dimensional work, "Untitled” 2004 • Carri A. Lee -- first prize for sculpture, “Battle Rattles" • Tai Hwa Goh -- first prize for 2-dimensional work, "Getting Dark” • Matthew Mayer--second prize for sculpture, "Operating Dust Bunnies" • Brian Sykes-- second prize for 2-dimensional work, "Margins"

  21. THE ANWAR SADAT CHAIR FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENTwas established at UMD in the fall of 1997 in memory of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. The Chair, under the leadership of the Sadat Professor Shibley Telhami, is housed in the Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) and makes its academic home in the Department of Government and Politics. The Chair was made possible by the commitment of Anwar Sadat's widow, Dr. Jehan Sadat, to her husband's legacy of leadership for peace. With support from all levels of the University, Dr. Sadat created an endowment for the Chair and lecture series from the generous support of many individual contributors from around the world.

  22. Entry Forms are available in the Department of Art Office (1211E) Any questions? Email Professor Ruth Lozner: