is312 information systems theory and applications n.
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IS312 information systems theory and applications PowerPoint Presentation
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IS312 information systems theory and applications

IS312 information systems theory and applications

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IS312 information systems theory and applications

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  1. IS312 information systems theory and applications Lecture 0: Course Overview Information Systems Department

  2. Course Description • Information systems theory and applications • IS -312 is a core course in the bachelor of information systems department. • This course is about planning and using information systems in organizations and making decisions. Information Systems Department

  3. Course Objectives This course qualifies the students to: • Recognize information systems for different organizations. • Use information systems for making decisions. • Plan information systems for different applications. • Evaluate the performance of information systems. • Demonstrate the information theory. Information Systems Department

  4. Is this course difficult !! Information Systems Department

  5. Assessment Information Systems Department

  6. Main Textbook Information Systems Department -"INFORMATION SYSTEMS :THEORY AND PRACTICE" by John G.Burch, Gary Grudnitsky, The Latest Edition.

  7. Other Resources Information Systems Department • Additional.. • "Information Systems" , by Richard T. Watson • "Discovering Information Systems", by Jean-Paul Van Belle

  8. Course Contact Information Information Systems Department • • Office No.: 1-505-38 Office hour: Sun(11:00-12:00) - Tue (10:00 – 12:00) Thurs ( 10:00 – 12:00) • Make an appointment by email to see me except during consultation time

  9. Course Website Information Systems Department You will find : • Announcements • Lectures • Assignments • Project • Grades • Instructor information • You have to check the website daily

  10. Course Communication Information Systems Department • Use Email if you want to ask any question • BUT you have to include your name, ID and should be sent from your PNU emailto get a reply • Questions are encouraged during lectures • Raising hands • Discussion/collaboration (not copying) among students are encouraged • Group study

  11. Midterm Exam Rules Information Systems Department • Exams will cover materials from the textbook, as well as material presented in the class. • You can review your midterm paper during the consultation hours within one (1) week from releasing the marks. • Students who are absent on Midterm exam day due to illness are required to bring a signed medical excuse letter. • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor if the midterm exam was missed within one (1) weekfollowing the scheduled exam date • You have to attend the Midterm with your section.

  12. Makeup Exam Rules Information Systems Department • Make-up Exam will be on week 14. • Make-up exams will be offered for valid reasons only signed by the head of the department. • Make-up exams may be different from regular exams in content and format ( Longer and more theoretical) • Students who are absent on Make-up exam day due to any reasons will get ZERO

  13. Homework Rules Information Systems Department • Submission due in-class/office hour on the assigned due date. • Use the basic cover page in submitting all of your assignments. • Assignment must be on A4papers. • Copying from previous sheets or another student will result in a ZERO mark for all involved students

  14. Homework Rules Information Systems Department • Electronic submissions will not be accepted. • No late submissions will be accepted without prior consultation with me. • -(lose 1 mark per day of delay) • Please staple together your sheets. • All assignments are weighted equally.

  15. Homework / Project Rules Information Systems Department Cheating on homework/ Project is a serious violation of our religion and university policy, so if we caught any identical assignments both will take 0.

  16. Important Information Information Systems Department • Attendance will be taken by the end of the class. If you are absent for a reason it is your responsibility to submit your sick leave by the next class. • You have to check your attendance regularly. • Student will not be allowed to enter the final exam if the proportion of unexcused absence from lectures and practical lessons is 25%. ( حرمان )

  17. Important Information Information Systems Department • Please bring along your lecture material every class (Hard copy or soft copy). You have to take note during the lecture. • Talking during the lectures is not allowed. • Give RESPECT , Get RESPECT • Mobiles are not allowed to be used in class at all. Therefore, please keep it off or silent during class time. • Not allowed to take picture AT ALL. • No Food or drinks inside the class. • Return your seat and clean your desk when leaving.

  18. Information Systems Department GOOD LUCK