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Characters and Journal Activity 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Characters and Journal Activity 1

Characters and Journal Activity 1

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Characters and Journal Activity 1

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  1. Characters and Journal Activity 1 • pages .1 – 30 • 1. Characters – make a list of the characters you’ve met so far in the novel. Note any major points about them (ieHairwoman – English teacher, weird hair, etc) • 2. Journal (choose one of): • Have you ever been in a situation similar to Melinda’s, ostracized from the members of your school or neighbourbood? If so what did you do? (Or what would you do in that situation) OR • Have you known anyone who was excluded from being a part of your school or community? What did you do in that situation? Why? OR Have you seen excluding or ostracizing of individuals in movies, in a tv show or in the news? Discuss what happened? What conditions led to this and were the consequences. • *Your journal should be approximately one page long.

  2. Activity #2Character Study Draw a picture of any character in the novel revealed up to this point in your reading. Be sure that each group member draws a different character. - Be creative and use your imagination and ideas from the book to give this character special details. -Add one quote next to the image that reveals something about the character. It can be something that they say or others said about them. It can also be a description of the character.

  3. Activity #3 Teenaged Alienational⋅ien⋅a⋅tion –noun 1. the act of alienating.2. the state of being alienated. 3.Law. a transfer of the title to property by one person to another; conveyance.4.the state of being withdrawn or isolated from the objective world, as through indifference or disaffection.5.Statistics. the lack of correlation in the variation of two measurable variables over a population.

  4. Activity # 3 Thematic Connection Examining Teen Alienation • Which of these two statements comes closest to how you feel? • I wish I were somebody else. • I would choose my life the way it is right now. • Which of these two statements comes closest to how you feel? • I often wonder why I exist. • I always see a reason for my being here on Earth.

  5. Setting Activity 4 Draw a map of MerrywheatherHighschool. Indicate important rooms and places that are significant in the novel. (Sanctuary, Senior Hallway etc.)

  6. Activity 5: Try Honesty byBilly Talent • Think Tank • In what way does the song demonstrate teenage alienation and angst (anxiety, remorse, anger)? • What do you think Billy Talent is singing about? • Who do you think may relate to the song and why?

  7. Social Issues Questionnaire: RapeActivity 6 1. What do you know about rape? 2. True or False: Most rape victims are assaulted by strangers. 3. On a scale of 1-10 do you agree(10) or disagree(1) with the following statements? Rape is an act of violence Only women get raped Victims who get raped ‘were asking for it’ Only women who dress “sleazy” get raped Rapists are mostly driven by a lack of control of their urges 4. What are some feelings and thoughts that someone who was raped might have about themselves and the event?

  8. Activity 7 Comprehension Questions Chapter: Nightmare(45) 1. With the introduction of IT, more is revealed about Melinda’s pt. What do you think really happened over the summer? Second Marking Period Chapter: Closet Space(50) 1. How does Melinda fix up her closet? Why do you think she does this? 2. What does Melinda do to the mirror in the closet? What do you think is the symbolic meaning behind her actions? 3. Why do you think Melinda is having difficulty talking? Chapter : All Together Now (51) 1. What might be significant about the words Melinda decided to conjugate for her Spanish homework? Why do you think she chose these particular words?

  9. Activity 8 Long Answer (82) Why is it that people sometimes "like us" more when they can get something out of us? Are the Marthas good friends to Heather? Why or why not?

  10. Art as an Expression of True Self Activity 9 Through out the novel, Melinda uses art to express her self, when in fact her identity is shattered by what occurred to her. Choose a piece of art. What message do you believe demonstrates a message about the author. You can cut it out or print it from the internet. Be sure to include the artist's name and the name of the art piece if available. Check the next slide for an example.