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Content Writing Tips And Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Content Writing Tips And Ideas

Content Writing Tips And Ideas

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Content Writing Tips And Ideas

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  1. Content Writing Tips By Content Writing

  2. Start Well • The introduction should be catchy to attract more visitors. For example, it may start with a question to the visitors who are reading it.

  3. Organize Carefully • Organization of the thoughts is very important while writing an article. Relevancy of the topic should always be kept in mind. Chronology should be maintained i.e, starting with the most earliest events and ending with the latest ones.

  4. Catchy Title • Title must be short but catchy. It must be relevant to the topic

  5. Generic to Specific • While writing, you should start over being generic and gradually turn specific on the topic

  6. Authenticity of Information • Make sure that the information you are providing through your content is right. A wrong information will always create a negative impact. You can use graphs and charts to support your information.

  7. Voice Yourself • Your content must have a little ‘you’ in it. So try to be yourself while writing. Feel free to voice your own opinion. This will definitely make your content unique and stand out of others

  8. Compare and Contrast • Inclusion of comparisons in your content writing will surely make your content attractive. For example, the following graph is explaining comparison between airplanes and cruises based on their flight time or cruise speed

  9. Use of Examples • Examples will make your content more reader-friendly as they can relate well to the topic with the help of examples

  10. Easy To Read • Always use simple and understandable language that will reach more readers who can relate well with your content

  11. Touch of Humour • Your content may contain a little touch of humour which will definitely make your readers happy and will make them interested to read the whole article

  12. All Well that Ends Well • This proverb says it all. The ending must be very attractive so that it leaves a mark on the reader’s mind

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