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  1. IDEOLOGY Ideology means such a procedure under witch people and nation live their physical lives


  3. Coming Of Islam In The Subcontinent • Islam come into the subcontinent through the Arab traders. Their trade ships used to go to Indonesia after staying at the seaport of Kali Kat of Malabar Coast. Because of the preaching of these traders Raja Samri of Kadanga Noor accepted Islam. Later on, his people followed him.

  4. Formulation Of Muslim Government • Under the leadership of Muhammad Bin Qasim, first government was formed in Sindh. But in whole of the subcontinent fist Muslim Government was formed by Qutub-Ud-Din Aibak, a slave of Shahab-Ud-Din Ghori in 1192 A.D.

  5. South Asian Muslim leaders • Reformers • Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Mohammad Ali, MaulanaShaukat Ali, Begum of Bhopal • Freedom Fighters (primarily against the British) • BadruddinTyabji, Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, Maulana Azad, SaifuddinKitchlew, Hakim Ajmal Khan, AbbasTyabji, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, MaulanaMehmudHasan, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

  6. Pakistan Movement • Muhammad Ali Jinnah, AllamaIqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, HuseynShaheedSuhrawardy, A.K. FazlulHuq, Begum JahanaraShahnawaz, Syed Ahmed Khan. • Religious • QaziSyedRafiMoha

  7. Ghaznavi Period • In 1000 A.D, the Sultan of Ghaznvi started to attach subcontinent through the passes of north-western mountain. Mahmood of Ghaznvi could not form a government in the subcontinent although he attacked successfully 17 times. But because of the Muslim preachers, Islam started to flourish in this area very fastly.

  8. Ghori Period • In 1175 A.D, ShahabUddin Ghori attacked on Multan. Till 1192 A.D, he was busy in fighting against the forces of this area, he was killed by the rulers of Potohar from Gakhkar

  9. The Slave Dynasty(Khandan-E-Ghulaman) • After the death of sultan ghori, his slave qutub-Ud-Din Aibak, for the first time formed the Islamic Government through out the subcontinen. Which lasted till 1290 A.D, after his death in 1206 A.D.

  10. Khilgi Dynasty • In 1290 A.D, khilgi family came into the power which ruled the subcontinent. But they lost the rule in 1412 A.D.

  11. Tughlaq Dynasty • In 1320 A.D, Tughlaq family started to rule over the subcontinent. But they lost the rule in 1412 A.D.

  12. Sadaat Dynasty Lodhi Dynasty • From 1412 A.D to 1414 A.D. • In the 15th century Lodhi family took over the country

  13. Mughal Period • In 1526 A.D, a foreigner Muslim ZaheerUddin Muhammad Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and took over the rule of India. This way Mughal rule started in Subcontinent.

  14. Downfall Of Muslim Government • From 1526 A.D, to 1707 A.D till the death of AurangezebAlamgir, the great Mughals ruled from 1707 A.D to 1857 A.D. Mughal-e-sani ruled the country.

  15. The British Rule • The Britishers had entered the subcontinent as traders under the rule of Jahangir. But they started to take over the subcontinent in 1749 A.D, till 1858 A.D their rule was by the name of east India company but after the victory of 1857 A.D, the British crown directly started to rule the country.

  16. Creation Of Pakistan • In the British rule, Hindus started to conspire with the British against Muslim. Both of them started their atrocities against Muslims. To get rid of them , Muslim began many movements from this time to time. Among those Pakistan Movement succeeded and on august 14,1947, Pakistan came into being.

  17. Comments • Keeping in view in this history it is clear that the Muslim ruled the Subcontinent for about 750 years. During this period non- Muslim were their people. Under the British rule, Hindus along with the Britishers left no place for the Muslims in India which became a reason for the creation of Pakistan.

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