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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives. Sharon Minjares, MBA,MS,RD,LD Director, Wellness Institute. Overview. Non-profit

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Wellness Initiatives

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  1. Wellness Initiatives Sharon Minjares, MBA,MS,RD,LD Director, Wellness Institute

  2. Overview • Non-profit • Operates two acute care hospitals TriPoint Medical Center (Concord Twp) & West Medical Center (Willoughby), five ambulatory medical campuses, a comprehensive, freestanding occupational rehab center, home health services and three imaging centers • 3,000 Employees (1,920 FTE) • 1,800 benefit eligible • Aging workforce

  3. Evolution of Wellness Initiatives • Prior to 2007, Lake Health provided a smorgasbord of activities, which often missed the employees that needed it • Programs not targeted at health care costs

  4. Health Concern • US ~ 68% adults are obese or overweight • Ohio-2012-29.6%; by 2030-59.8% if we don’t do anything • Obesity has reached a critical level in Lake County: Adults: 29% • Rate of overweight adults in Lake County:38%

  5. The Solution • B Fit 4 Life • 10,000 Steps Program-2003-Present Monthly Activity Series-2004-Present • Weight Loss Challenge & Million Step Challenge-2005 • Corporate Challenge-2006-Present

  6. The 4 Partners of B Fit 4 Life: Lake Health Lake Metroparks Lake County YMCA Lake County General Health District

  7. 10,000 Step Program • $15 lifetime fee • Quarterly newsletter • Step Track Logger for Quarterly Drawings • Monthly Activity-First Thursday of Month

  8. Lake Health’s Wellness Committee Mission Statement: Provide wellness programs and opportunities to team members of Lake Health to maximize their ability to care for themselves, their families and patients of Lake Health and others. Vision Statement: To improve health and quality of life of all team members and their families at Lake Health. 2008

  9. Overview • Received $120K Grant-Center for Health Affairs-Cleveland (2007-2009) • Get Healthy LHS, employee wellness program began October, 2007 • Prior to grant: provided a traditional, activity-oriented wellness program

  10. Lake Health’s Strategic Priorities/Goals/Objectives • Strategic Priority: Introduce system-wide wellness policy • Goals: >50% participation in HRA completion and to increase percentage of team members to a healthier BMI (43% or >) • Objectives: • Continue awareness and recruitment strategies of HRA completion/biometric screenings • Continue education, training and assessment of Wellness Coaches and review database and collection of health/wellness data 2008-2009

  11. Program Vision: Developed as a comprehensive wellness program with an emphasis on: • Awareness, identification and recruitment of employees • Wellness Coaching • Creating a healthier workplace environment

  12. Strategic Work Plan-2007 Development • Began to promote and engage leadership and team members • Promote completion of Health Risk Assessment • Recruit and train wellness coaches-11 hired, August training • Training- Clinical Health Psychologist • October-Initial contact with interested team members in wellness coaching

  13. Milestones-2007 • Logo-branding • Walking maps-development/distribution • Site location on Intranet- “Toolkit” • Development of on-line Ask the RD/EP • Monetary drawings for HRA completion-met our goal of 50% participation for 2007 • Healthier options in vending machines • Corporate Wellness Goal-lower BMI

  14. Strategic Work Plan-2008 • Continue wellness coaching/training • Approximately 110 active team members participating in 6 month coaching process

  15. Strategic Work Plan-2009 • Continue with coaching process/training • Determine “where to go”

  16. Peer Wellness Coaching Rationale • Healthcare employees have a better understanding of the workplace culture than offsite wellness coaches • Internal Coaching would allow for more one-on-one contact time vs. telephonic coaching • Lake Health had internal employees available with necessary skills (dietitians, exercise physiologists, nurses)

  17. Key Innovation: Peer Coaching • Used internal resources to design and implement Peer Wellness Coaching • Teamed with local Clinical Health Psychologist • Initially enrolled 100 employees in coaching process • 2009-maintained 30-40 employees actively involved in coaching process • To date approximately 400+ employees have participated in this program

  18. Peer Wellness Coaching Evolution • Monthly meetings with Clinical Health Psychologist (1.5 hours in length) • Ongoing Costs through 2009=$6,228 (monthly meetings with Psychologist and 4-Coaches)

  19. Peer Wellness Coaching Enrollment • Required completion of annual HRA • Over 50% of employees completed HRA in 2007-09 • Received 300-400 requests for coaching • Screened employees for readiness to change • Approximately 100 employees enrolled • Two or three face-to-face sessions and regular phone/email contact • Cost providing 6 months of wellness coaching averaged $72 per employee ($12/mo)

  20. Lessons Learned • Key is Administrative support! • Communication, communication, communication! • Only 800 of 3,000 employees have e-mail • Key role is motivating employees to reach their goals • Coaches must “take off” their professional hats • Model evolved to include more one-on-one sessions • Lake Health needs to continue to make culture changes to back up employee needs to meet wellness goals • We needed to be careful regarding "peers”-confidentiality, HIPPA • We made sure coaching sessions did not turn into complaint sessions

  21. Coaching Outcome • Survey indicated most seemed satisfied with the Wellness Coaching Program and respondents listed “support and encouragement” from their coaches as the thing they found most helpful • Several participants felt the program could be improved by offering more one on one meetings • Additional 6-month extension of coaching is now available at cost of $120

  22. June 2009, Lake Hospital System went through an Identity and Philosophy Change

  23. Cultural Change • The rebranding became a brand elevation • Lake Health’s commitment to care for the whole person: mind, body and spirit; shifted from traditional, episodic care to lifelong health care relationship, one patient and one family at a time

  24. Lake Health TriPoint Medical Center

  25. Lake Health Wellness Institute Facts • Opened January 2010 • Physicians Pavilion @ TriPoint Medical Center

  26. Lake Health Wellness Institute Mission Provide integrated care in a healing environment to promote overall health and wellness  We bring together the best of traditional medicine and proven complementary therapies to provide person-centered care which addresses the whole person in mind, body and spirit

  27. Wellness Institute Services • Outpatient Integrative Medicine & Weight Mgt. Services • Acupuncture • Massage Therapy • Music Therapy • Reiki • Medical Nutrition Therapy • Wellness Coaching • Stress Management • Weight 4 Life Weight Mgt • Physician-Supervised Weight Loss • 10,000 Steps Program • B Fit 4 Life Corporate Challenge • B.E. S.T.R.O.N.G. Children’s Weight Loss Program

  28. Wellness Institute Services Wellness Studio • Yoga • Cardio / Toning • Tai Chi

  29. Wellness Institute Services • Retail Items for Sale • Fotos by Ferole Parmelee (Stationary & Note Cards, Nature Photography Prints & Canvas, Marble Printed Coasters) & More! • Pedometers • Relaxation Music CD’s • Gift Certificates • Exercise Mats • Zumba Toning Sticks • Biofreeze

  30. Other Wellness Components • EAP-Employee Assistance Program • Smoking Cessation • Super Savers Catalog • Diabetes/Renal Care Programs • Annual Health Fairs-biometric screenings, heel bone density screening, HRA • Lake/Geauga American Heart Walk • Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure • Monthly Wellness at Work Newsletter

  31. Other Wellness Components • 2007- Present- Wellness Coaching • 2007-Walking Paths at all major facilities • 2008-Weight Watchers @ Work • 2009-Lake Health Running Series- Half/Whole Marathon & 5KRun/Walk • 2009-Non-Smoking Campuses • 2010-My First 5 K • 2010-Ongoing cafeteria menu/selection changes

  32. Other Wellness Components • 2010-Caring for the Caregivers-Nursing Stress Reduction Program • 2010-Blue Sky Green Fields Organic Produce Program • 2011-Mini-Max Wellness-smaller version of Max Wellness store at Lake West Medical Center • 2013-Medical Nutrition Therapy- coverage for employees • 2013-Super Choice Restaurant Program • Ongoing Quarterly Wellness Initiatives-Free Reiki Sessions

  33. Link Employee Wellness to Health Benefit Design • 2012-Lake Health integrated wellness to health benefits • Option to choose either the traditional PPO plan or a Consumer Driven Health Plan which will provide a new option for managing their health care expenses

  34. Link Employee Wellness to Health Benefit Design 2012 Goal: All team members who participate in the health insurance program must complete: • Health risk assessment (HRA) or identify primary care physician • Be tobacco-free or actively participating in a smoking cessation program

  35. Link Employee Wellness to Health Benefit Design 2012 Wellness Program Summary Wellness Discount and Tobacco Use Surcharge part of the health insurance program to incentivize team members for the desired behavior • Wellness Discount- $10.00 per person/pay period for the team member • Tobacco Use Surcharge- $10.00 per person/pay period for team member

  36. Link Employee Wellness to Health Benefit Design Wellness-Key Theme in 2013 Wellness discount requirements to be completed by 2/28/2013 in order to receive credit: • Complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) – team member and covered spouse • Complete biometric screening – team member only • Identify their Primary Care Provider (PCP) – team member and covered spouse

  37. Link Employee Wellness to Health Benefit Design 2013 • Tobacco-free and Wellness discounts doubled from 2012 to: $10 each/pay period to $20 each/ pay period • Requirement for spouses enrolled in the plan to complete a Health Risk Assessment and be tobacco-free to earn the respective discount

  38. Future Plans • Continue peer wellness coaching via promotion and engaging without intimidating • Charge nominal fee to employees for coaching-motivation wanes if there is no financial incentive attached to wellness • Develop quarterly wellness initiatives • Spring 2013-Phase I of the Wellness Walking Path @ TriPoint Medical Center

  39. Future Plans • Participant Reward System • Wellness Ambassadors • Look at claims data • Continue to engage, empower and energize employees

  40. B Fit 4 Life Corporate Challenge • 2012-USA Weekend Recognition • 2013-8th Year • Participation ranges 200-500/year

  41. Corporate Challenge Mission To address the rising rate of overweight and obese adults in Lake County, by increasing their fitness level and knowledge of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  42. Basic Components of the Corporate Challenge • 5 month challenge January 1-May 31 • Wide variety of fitness activities every month • Goal:100% participation in all activities

  43. Basic Components of the Corporate Challenge • Each team will compile monthly points through several main events, alternate events and on their own activities • The team with the highest number of overall points at the end of the challenge is the winner • Must complete 3 of the 4 events; 1 event is pedometer walking each month (mandatory)

  44. General Rules • Entry fee: $20 per person • Team size: minimum 10, maximum 20 • Participants must be part-time or full-time employees or spouses/adult family relatives

  45. Snow Shoeing

  46. Dog Sled Challenge

  47. Cross Country Skiing

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