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  1. Mercury By:Brendan Stang

  2. Planet’s symbol

  3. How did Mercury get it’s name? It got it’s name from the Roman god Mercury, who was the son of Maia Maiestas. It is called Mercury because it moves so quick in the sky.

  4. Discovery of Mercury Mercury was viewed by the naked eye since ancient times. People have known about Mercury since ancient times.

  5. Distances Order from the sun: 1 Distance from the Sun in km: 57,909,175 km Distance from the Earth in km: 77,000,000 km

  6. Planet Measurements Mass: 3.3022x1023 kg Volume: 60,827,208,742 km3 Density: 13,534 kg/m3

  7. Planet Measurements Would Mercury float or sink in water? It would sink because the density is greater than water. Gravity: 3.7 m/s

  8. Orbit and Rotation How long does it take Mercury to orbit the sun? 88 days How long does it take Mercury to rotate on it’s own axis? 59 days

  9. What is the composition of your planet? Is it a thick or think atmosphere? Mercury has a thin atmosphere.

  10. What is the temperature range on your planet? -184 degrees Celsius to 427 degrees Celsius. This is a lot different from Earth because of the varying temperatures. This is also different from Florida because Florida is warm almost all the time and the temperature on Mercury can be very cold or very hot.

  11. Composition/Appearance What type of planet is Mercury? It is a rocky planet. It is very rough with not a lot of gas. What is it’s internal composition? Mercury has a core, radiation zone, and convection zone.

  12. Composition/Appearance What does your planet look like? Mercury has a rough surface. It is gray. Mercury had craters on it’s surface.

  13. Weather Average temperature is 400 degrees kelvin It has a low, thin collection of ionized gases.

  14. Water What forms of water are found on Mercury? Not liquid water, but deposits of water ice at the poles.

  15. What would happen if a human traveled to Mercury? They would either freeze or burn because of the varying temperatures. They would also choke because of the thin atmosphere.

  16. Something special about Mercury Robots have been sent to Mercury Half of Mercury has never been seen Hubble can’t look at Mercury

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