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Mercury. By: Macy, Allison , and Alison. Mission Statement.

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  1. Mercury By: Macy, Allison, and Alison

  2. Mission Statement In this section you will find out why NASA should colonize Mercury and how they will do it. This section, the mission statement, also describes how NASA can explore Mercury better and how scientists can learn about planets far and wide.

  3. Supplies and Equipment This section talks about the interesting and unique devices NASA could use to help colonize Mercury. There are several amazing ideas like, the Bigbot359, the Humanoid4673, and the Gama X-7. These unique robots can help NASA discover more about Mercury.

  4. Obstacles This section, obstacles, is about the obstacles that NASA would have to overcome if they colonized Mercury. It is also about the creative solutions that NASA would have to createif they colonized Mercury. A few of these solutions are a separate vessel following the spaceship that holds vital supplies, a larger space shuttle to hold a large supply of useful safety equipment, and a long lasting supply of oxygen and gas.

  5. Rocket Research Rocket Research is about rockets going to Mercury. One of these rockets is called the Mariner 10. The Mariner 10 went to Mercury and also visited Venus. The Mariner 10 snapped valuable pictures and brought amazing samples to NASA that helped better the scientific discovery of Mercury.

  6. Planet Information In this section, planet information, you will learn all about Mercury and it’s features and more about the moon like planet, Mercury. This section also includes the diameter of Mercury, and many more unique facts.

  7. Resources Mercury by: Adele Richardson A Look at Mercury by: Marry R. Dunn Mercury by: Christine Taylor-Butler Mercury by: Tim Goss Mercury by: Thomas K. Adamson

  8. The End! Thanks for watching! By: Alison, Allie, and Macy

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