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AQA GCSE Media Studies PowerPoint Presentation
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AQA GCSE Media Studies

AQA GCSE Media Studies

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AQA GCSE Media Studies

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  1. AQA GCSE Media Studies

    Unit 1 Investigating the Media Exam Topic: Promotion and Marketing of Video Games
  2. Starter What marketing and promotion techniques can you identify? i.e.: What can you see which would entice someone to the magazine?
  3. Starter What marketing and promotion techniques can you identify?
  4. Preparing for the Exam We have now covered all the necessary understanding and learning in preparation for the exam. The next step is to prepare your own case study materials to support your answers for the exam questions. If you prepare well, then you will be able to give well-informed answers. Case Study 1: Narrative and Genre ✓ Case Study 2: Representation ✓ Case Study 3: Audience ✓ Case Study 4: Institution ✓ Case Study 5: Promotion and Marketing Techniques
  5. Case Study 5: Promotion and Marketing It is important for you to be able to explain the techniques used in the promotion and marketing of video games through various mediums, such as trailers, adverts, TV spots, social networking and websites. This is the exam topic after all!! You will be using the same two games to present your case study. My examples are going to be Roman Realms and Company of Heroes. It is up to you how you present your case study. You may like to produce a mind map or written information.
  6. Case Study 5: Promotion and MarketingRoman Realms
  7. Case Study 5: Promotion and MarketingCompany of Heroes Forums: Official COH forum, Relic Forum, Steam forum Magazines: Reviews – all major PC magazines Social Networking: Facebookpage launched 12th September 2006 Twitter presence 21st October 2010 Google Plus 8th December 2011 Dedicated YouTube channel 4th May 2012 Website: Banners on online gaming order sites Official websites COH, Relic, THQ, Sega Online: Trailers, online reviews, previews, demos TV: TV spot 2006 FILM TO BE RELEASED 2013 – which helps the promotion of COH 2!
  8. Your turn Choose two contrasting games. Create a mind map / written information / other format. Make notes on promotion and marketing techniques: Social networking Official website Online gaming websites Developer/publisher websites YouTube TV/radio Forums Magazine reviews
  9. Exam Question Choose one of your games and discuss the promotion and marketing techniques used to advertise your game. Were the techniques successful? How do you know?
  10. Plenary Watch the trailer for the previous version of Roman Realms called Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome. Would you play this game?
  11. Homework You will be given a scenario to read (rather like the pre-release you will receive four weeks before the exam). Make sure you understand the requirements. There will be two questions for you to answer next lesson, one essay-based and one practical.