the past and the future to continue click n.
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The past and the Future To Continue, Click  PowerPoint Presentation
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The past and the Future To Continue, Click 

The past and the Future To Continue, Click 

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The past and the Future To Continue, Click 

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  1. The past and the FutureTo Continue, Click

  2. Student Objectives • Students become familiar with basic characters, settings and themes of 1984. • Students will demonstrate the knowledge through the answering of questions • Students will be prepared to enter into classroom discussions based on slide information.

  3. Table of Contents If you would like to review a section, click the following to check it out: • Orwell • Winston • Ministries • Newspeak • Winston and Julia • The Party • Hate Week/Propaganda • Goldstein and The Brotherhood • Ministry of Love • Conclusion

  4. Introduction Instructions: • Read each slide and take notes as you go. Remember, you are responsible for this information! • If you wish to go back, click the icon in the top right corner… • Answer the questions at the end of each section. This will allow you to move on or go back • Have fun!

  5. Introduction • 1984- Written by George Orwell • Published in 1949 • First major dystopian work • Shares similarities with “A Brave New World”

  6. Notes on Orwell • Born Eric Blair, used pen name of George Orwell • Lived in India in his early life. • Supported the British Labour Party

  7. Orwell’s Pet peeves • Orwell liked socialism, but HATED the USSR • Greatly feared the totalitarian movement of the day • Evident in “Animal Farm”

  8. Orwell’s World • World War II had just ended • War required great personal sacrifice from English Liberties • Germany’s threat was gone, but Orwell feared a Post-War England and USSR

  9. Question 1 • Of which movement was Orwell highly worried? • Socialism • Labourism • Totalitarianism • Capitalism

  10. Incorrect Remember: Orwell was a member of the Labor Party and supported Socialism Try again

  11. Correct! Exactly! Orwell supported degrees of socialism, but feared Totalitarianism. His views on Capitalism were mixed, but he was not threatened by it Click here to continue

  12. Part 1 • Main character: Winston Smith • Winston means “Normal man”, Smith is the most common last name • Winston is the “everyman”, not a hero, nor a genius

  13. Winston’s Apartment • Lived in “Victory Gardens” • Department is shabby, dark and dirty • Lives in “Oceania” on “Airstrip One” • Quarrels with the neighbors

  14. Winston’s job • Works at the Ministry of Truth • Job is to edit past new reels to fit the modern understanding of the Party • Works for a large man named O’Brien • Belongs to the Outer Party

  15. Winston’s Diary • Keeps it in the corner, away from the tele-screen • Writes down his discontent with the Party • Famous Quote “Freedom is the ability to say that 2+2=4. If that is granted, all else follows”

  16. Winston’s Family • Winston is married, but unhappy • His wife, Katherine, has no dialogue in the novel • The Party keeps them all in a loveless marriage

  17. Winston: Question 1 Where does Winston work? • Ministry of Truth • Ministry of Love • Ministry of Peace • Ministry of Love

  18. Incorrect • Sorry, this Ministry serves another function. Click here to double check the slide. • Try again?

  19. Correct! • Winston works at the Ministry of Truth • Click here for Question 2

  20. Winston: Question 2 At the Ministry of Truth, What does Winston do? • Read the future • Edit the next day’s headlines • Edit previous day’s newspapers • Clean the lie detectors

  21. Sorry, not quite! Click here to re-read the slide or Click here to try again

  22. Exactly! • Ministry of Truth is dedicated to fixing the Party’s records to match the past • Click here to continue

  23. Ministry of Truth • Dedicated to the creation of lies • Edits the past in order to make sure the Party is always correct • Most difficult assignment is erasing all records of those executed by the Party

  24. Ministry of Plenty • Claims to distribute food and goods to the people • Actually in charge of creating scarcity • Keeps people always in want, never too content

  25. Ministry of Peace • Claims to keep the peace throughout the world • Actually, the Ministry is the War Organization • Constantly fighting with either Eastasia or Eurasia

  26. Ministry of Love • The most mysterious of the Ministries • Winston only knows it is like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” • Aka “Nobody ever goes in, Nobody ever goes out”

  27. What’s up with Ministries? • All are lying and ironic • “Peace” deals in War, “Truth” deals in Lies, “Plenty” deals with scarcity • We can only assume that “Love” will deal with something evil

  28. Ministry Inquiry • What feature do all the Ministries share? They all help out the everyman They all are open to the public They all have names which are marketable They all have duplicitous titles

  29. Nope, try again -Think about each Ministry’s title and the job it completes Try Again

  30. Exactly • All the Ministries have names with ironic and double meanings. This will be an example of Propaganda (which we will study later) • Click here to continue

  31. When Winston met Syme • At the cafeteria, Winston meets his friend Syme • Syme tells Winston about the 11th edition of Newspeak • Winston is generally uninterested

  32. What is Newspeak? • Syme explains it is the “elimination of words” • Examples: “Bad” will become “ungood”, excellent will become “Doubleplusgood” • Adjectives are condensed

  33. What does Winston think? • Winston is more preoccupied with Syme than Newspeak • Winston knows Syme will be vaporized because he knows too much • Too much thinking is a death sentence in the Party (more later)

  34. Technical Aspects of Newspeak • Newspeak is official language of the Inner Party, as far paper is concerned • The Proles do not, and never will, learn Newspeak • Newspeak is retroactive, all old literature will be re-written in this form • By 2050, all communication will be Newspeak

  35. Why worry about it? • Newspeak is Orwell’s idea about the limitation of ideas • The book raises the question “Does Language control ideas”? • “Can ideas exist without a word to express them?” • Think about it…

  36. Newspeak: Good or Bad? What does Syme summarize Newspeak as? • Creation of a new language • Computer code for new technology • Elimination of unnecessary words • Improved vocabulary with Prole nouns

  37. Wrong! -Not quite. Click here to read again about Newspeak -Remember: Syme is excited about Newspeak!

  38. Correct!! • Exactly- Newspeak is the elimination of words, not the creation of new words • Both Winston, and Orwell, saw this idea as extremely dangerous • Click here to continue

  39. Bonus Question! • By what year is Newspeak supposed to be fully up and running? • 2020 • 2000 • 2010 • 2050

  40. Nope • Sorry, the answer was 2050… • Details can be important sometimes…pay attention. • Click here to continue!

  41. You’re doing great! Yes, the answer is 2050! Well done, you’re obviously paying close attention • Click here to continue

  42. Julia • Member of the Junior Anti-Sex League • Puts on the façade of being “Pro-Party” • Much younger, much more attractive than Winston

  43. Bad First Impressions • Winston initially hates Julia • Thinks about raping her and then killing her afterwards • Later realizes he hates what she represents, not her

  44. How they meet… • Julia slips Winston a note, says “I love you • The manage to talk in public and sneak away from the city (lest they raise suspicion) • First meet in the forst, agree to continue seeing each other

  45. What’s Julia’s problem? • She pretends to support the Party in order to hide from them • Specializes in corrupting Inner Party members • Winston likes her because she is not pure (like the Party’s ideal)

  46. What now? • Winston and Julia meet in a room with no tele-screen • Room belongs to of Mr. Charrington • They are busy during “Hate Week” but manage to plan their escape afterwards.

  47. Questions on Julia • Why does Julia join the Junior Anti-Sex League? 1) She is trying to blend in with the Party 2) She wants to be in a group Winston supports 3) She hates the old “family” tradition 4) She is a lesbian

  48. Incorrect • Sorry, good guess, but not quite • Julia is much like most things in the party, not always what they seem.. • Click here to try again!

  49. Exactly!!! • Good job, you’re really doing well • Julia understands that the best way to stay hidden is to “yell and scream with the rest of them” at Hate Week • Click here to continue

  50. Winston’s motives Why does Winston cheat on his wife with Julia? • She is uncorrupted, unlike his wife • Winston hates his wife • She is uncorrupted, much like the Party • She is corrupt, unlike the Party’s ideal