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THE EUROPEAN UNION. The Pros and Cons of being a member country. Where in the world is the EU?. 27. Member States. 500 million. Combined population of EU Member States. 7. Percent of world’s population. 500 million people 27 countries.

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  1. THE EUROPEAN UNION The Pros and Cons of being a member country

  2. Where in the world is the EU?

  3. 27 Member States 500 million Combined population of EU Member States 7 Percent of world’s population

  4. 500 million people27 countries *Countries shaded gray are candidates for EU membership

  5. EU Population in the World 1339 500 307 128 142 EU China Japan Russia United States Population in millions, 2009

  6. Area of the EU compared to the rest of the world 16 889 9327 9159 4234 365 Japan EU China Russia United States Surface area, 1 000 km²

  7. Size of the EU countries 544 506 410 357 313 305 295 244 230 131 111 93 92 83 30 49 77 68 63 62 43 43 34 20 9 3 0.3 Sweden Italy Spain Poland France Finland Estonia Germany Denmark Latvia Greece Slovakia Belgium Malta Hungary Luxemburg Bulgaria Ireland Netherlands Romania Cyprus Slovenia Austria United Kingdom Lithuania Portugal Czech Republic Surface area in1 000 km²

  8. Population of the EU countries 82.1 64.4 61.6 60.1 45.8 38.1 21.5 16.5 10.6 11.3 10.8 10.5 10.0 9.3 8.4 7.6 5.3 5.5 5.4 4.5 3.3 2.3 2.0 1.3 0.8 0.5 0.4 Sweden Italy Spain France Poland Finland Denmark Estonia Germany Latvia Greece Slovakia Luxemburg Malta Hungary Bulgaria Netherlands Ireland Belgium Slovenia Austria Romania United Kingdom Lithuania Czech Republic Portugal Population in millions, 500 million total in 2009

  9. The Birth of the Euro • The Euro is the shared currency of all EU member countries.

  10. Positives of using the Euro • Because the common market got rid of tariffs • EU members now can buy goods and services at cheaper prices • There is more variety in the goods and services that are available 3. It’s now easier to travel to other European countries to find work.

  11. Positives of using the Euro 4. Because money no longer has to be exchanged, it is also now easier to travel and move in Europe. 5.It has created a strong trade bloc that allows Europe to compete economically with countries like the U.S. Countries are now economically united instead of competing individually and against each other. 6. It allows EU member countries to use the Euro on shared economic goals such as modernizing operations and upgrading highways.

  12. Negatives of using the Euro • 1. Western countries resent eastern countries. The west feels that more of the shared money is spent in the east trying to bring them up. • 2. Westerners worry about losing jobs to people in the east. Eastern workers will work for less money. • 3. Some European Union countries refuse to use the Euro. • 4. Not all European countries can be a member of the EU.

  13. Pro of EU membership • Culturally • The EU helps to promote a united European identity. • EU Day in May • EU flag-12 stars that represent the original 12 countries • EU anthem

  14. Con of EU membership • Culturally • Communication is difficult-each EU document and conversation has to be translated into 20 different languages. • Conflicting cultural values and traditions • Ex: In Spain bull fighting is the national sport, however, other EU countries find this to be cruelty to animals.

  15. Pro of EU membership • Politically • Countries are working together on shared issues i.e. terrorism, pollution, Syrian refugee crisis • Residents from member countries can live and work anywhere in the EU easily • They can participate in all EU elections • Strengthens Europe’s voice in world affairs. Gives them more power and a larger say in what happens.

  16. Cons of EU membership • Politically • Some countries want to make their own decisions. • The more countries that become members, the more problems the EU will have to face.

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