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  1. More Moore

  2. *Basement Systems Inc.*Larry Janesky*Dry Basement Science (115,000!)*1990: $0; 2003: $13M; 2008: $62,000,000

  3. The greatest dangerfor most of usis not that our aim istoo highand we miss it,but that it istoo lowand we reach it.*Michelangelo*Think D.C. cabbie …

  4. Kevin Roberts’ Credo1. Ready. Fire! Aim.2. If it ain’t broke ... Break it!3. Hire crazies.4. Ask dumb questions.5. Pursue failure.6. Lead, follow ... or get out of the way!7. Spread confusion.8. Ditch your office.9. Read odd stuff.10.Avoid moderation!

  5. 14,00020,00030

  6. 14,000/eBay20,000/Amazon30/Craigslist

  7. Before we begin …

  8. If the regimental commander lost most of his 2nd lieutenants and 1st lieutenants and captains and majors, it would be a tragedy. If he lost his sergeants it would be a catastrophe.

  9. #1 cause ofemployee Dis-satisfaction?

  10. Employee retention & satisfaction:Overwhelmingly, based on the first-line manager!Source: Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently

  11. Before we begin …

  12. XFX = #1

  13. Never waste a lunch!

  14. “XFX Social Accelerators.” 1. EVERYONE’s [more or less] JOB #1: Make friends in other functions! (Purposefully. Consistently. Measurably.) 2. “Do lunch” with people in other functions!! Frequently!! (Minimum 10% to 25% for everyone? Measured.) 3. Ask peers in other functions for references so you can become conversant in their world. (It’s one helluva sign of ... GIVE-A-DAMN-ism.) 4. Invite counterparts in other functions to your team meetings. Religiously. Ask them to present “cool stuff” from “their world” to your group. (B-I-G deal; useful and respectful.) 5. PROACTIVELY SEEK EXAMPLES OF “TINY” ACTS OF “XFX” TO ACKNOWLEDGE—PRIVATELY AND PUBLICALLY. (Bosses: ONCE A DAY … make a short call or visit or send an email of “Thanks” for some sort of XFX gesture by your folks and some other function’s folks.) 6. Present counterparts in other functions awards for service to your group. Tiny awards at least weekly; and an “Annual All-Star Supporters [from other groups] Banquet” modeled after superstar salesperson banquets. 7. Discuss—A SEPARATE AGENDA ITEM—good and problematic acts of cross-functional co-operation at every Team Meeting.

  15. “XFX Social Accelerators.” 8. When someone in another function asks for assistance, respond with … more … alacrity than you would if it were the person in the cubicle next to yours—or even more than you would for a key external customer. (Remember, XFX is the key to Customer Retention which is in turn the key to “all good things.”) 9. Do not bad mouth ... “the damned accountants,” “the bloody HR guy.” Ever. (Bosses: Severe penalties for this—including public tongue-lashings.) 10. Get physical!! “Co-location” may well be the most powerful “culture change lever.” Physical X-functional proximity is almost a … guarantee … of remarkably improved co-operation—to aid this one needs flexible workspaces that can be mobilized for a team in a flash. 11. Formal evaluations. Everyone, starting with the receptionist, should have a significant XF rating component in their evaluation. (The “XFX Performance” should be among the Top 3 items in all managers’ evaluations.) 12. Demand XF experience for, especially, senior jobs. For example, the U.S. military requires all would-be generals and admirals to have served a full tour in a job whose only goals were cross-functional achievements. 13. XFX is … PERSONAL … as well as about organizational effectiveness. PXFX [Personal XFX] is arguably the #1 Accelerant to personal success—in terms of organizational career, free-lancer/Brand You, or as entrepreneur.

  16. Lunch > SAP/ Oracle

  17. Before we begin …

  18. Paul Omerod: “I am often asked by would-be entrepreneurs seeking escape from life within huge corporate structures, ‘How do I build a small firm for myself?’ The answer seems obvious …

  19. “I am often asked by would-be entrepreneurs seeking escape from life within huge corporate structures, ‘How do I build a small firm for myself?’ The answer seems obvious:Buy a very large one and just wait.”—Paul Ormerod, Why Most Things Fail: Evolution, Extinction and Economics

  20. “Mr. Foster and his McKinsey colleagues collected detailed performance data stretching back 40 years for 1,000 U.S. companies.They found that noneof the long-term survivors managed to outperform the market. Worse, the longer companies had been in the database, the worse they did.” —Financial Times

  21. “Data drawn from the real world attest to a fact that is beyond our control:Everything in existence tends to deteriorate.”—Norberto Odebrecht, Education Through Work

  22. #4 Japan#3 USA#2 China#1 Germany

  23. Reason:Mittelstand!**E.g.: Goldmann Produktion

  24. “Be the best. It’s the only market that’s not crowded.” From: Retail Superstars: Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America, George Whalin

  25. Before we begin …

  26. The “3H Strategy of Everything”: All you need to know …HiltonHowardHerb

  27. Conrad Hilton, at a gala celebrating his career, was asked,“What was the most important lesson you’ve learned in you long and distinguished career?”His immediate answer …

  28. “remember to tuck the shower curtain inside the bathtub”

  29. “In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. Pick a general direction and implement like hell”—Jack Welch

  30. “The art of war does not require complicated maneuvers; the simplest are the best and common sense is fundamental. From which one might wonder how it is generals make blunders; it is because they try to be clever.”—Napoleon

  31. Internal organizational excellence = Deepest “Blue Ocean”

  32. “Execution isstrategy.”—Fred Malek

  33. XX* ** is STRATEGY. XX is DIFFERENTIATION. XX is DE-COMODITIZATION.*** XX is VALUE-ADDED. *eXcellence in eXecution **GE, Exxon Mobil, PepsiCo, Hyundai+, very few “etc.” *** “Commodity” is a state of mind! PERIOD!

  34. All you need to know …HiltonHowardHerb

  35. 25

  36. MBWAManaging By Wandering Around/HP

  37. All you need to know …HiltonHowardHerb

  38. “You have to treat your employees like customers.”—Herb Kelleher, upon being asked his “secret to success”Source: Joe Nocera, NYT, “Parting Words of an Airline Pioneer,” on the occasion of Herb Kelleher’s retirement after 37 years at Southwest Airlines (SWA’s pilots union took out a full-page ad in USA Today thanking HK for all he had done; across the way in Dallas American Airlines’ pilots were picketing the Annual Meeting)

  39. Zabar’s Parking Garage

  40. All you need to know …HiltonHowardHerb

  41. 3H: Hilton, Howard, Herb**Sweat the details!**Stay in touch!**It’s all about the people!

  42. Tom Peters’ Excellence. Always. Cabot Corporation/The Dolder Grand 03 October 2010 (Slides at (Also see Cabot LONG)

  43. Part ONE

  44. #1

  45. Little =BIG**Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister

  46. Big carts = 1.5X Source: Wal*Mart

  47. Bag sizes = New markets: $B Source: PepsiCo

  48. #2

  49. Conveyance: Kingfisher Air Location: Approach to New Delhi

  50. “May I clean your glasses, sir?”