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  1. Baseball Blood and Immunity Pick your line-up and create your team name!

  2. What is the scientific name for a white blood cell? Answer: Leukocytes What happens when a blood sample is centrifuged? Answer: It separates into layers. Questions:

  3. This blood sample has been centrifuged identify the following: 1) name each layer and identify all components & 2) list average percentage. Questions: Plasma 55% #1 Buffy Coat = Leukocytes & Thrombocytes, less Than 1% #2 #3 Erythrocytes 45%

  4. Identify the cells in the picture below. Questions: • Answer: Erythrocytes

  5. If a blood sample is centrifuged, which layers settles on top? Answer: Plasma Identify the component of blood in the picture. Answer: Platelets Questions:

  6. Which blood cell carries hemoglobin? Answer: Erythrocytes Name the four blood types? Answer: A, B, AB, O Questions:

  7. Identify the blood type. Answer: Type AB Red blood cells Plasma Questions:

  8. Which blood cell is best described by the following? Biconcave disk No nucleus Oxygen transporter Answer: Erythrocytes Which blood component is involved in clotting? Answer: Platelets Questions:

  9. What is an antigen? Answer: Protein located on a cell’s surface which will cause production of antibodies Which lymphocytes produce antibodies? Answer: B cells (plasma) Questions:

  10. What type of immunity would a vaccine provide? Natural/Artificial Active/Passive Answer: Artificially acquired active immunity Identify the structure below ? Answer: Antibody Questions:

  11. What type of blood cells is targeted by HIV? Answer: Helper T cells Which type is known as the universal donor? Answer: Type O Questions:

  12. Identify the two types of leukocytes. Answer: Granulocytes & Agranulocytes What is the function of a phagocyte? Answer: engulf cells Questions:

  13. Study the picture indicate which bracket illustrate specific immunity. Questions: Answer: A

  14. Which letter indicates the antigen ? Answer: B Questions:

  15. Injured cells release a chemical distress signal to attract phagocytes. Answer: Chemotaxis What is the pH of blood? Answer: 7.35-7.45 Questions:

  16. What is a pathogen? Answer: any disease causing agent What is the function of a memory cell? Answer: to fight future infections Questions:

  17. Which type of T cell is responsible for signaling B cells to stop? Answer: Suppressor T cells Questions: • What is leukemia? • Answer: Overproduction of WBC

  18. What occurs in the process known as diapedesis? Answer: WBCs squeeze between cells of blood vessel walls In a blood sample which occurs in the smallest amount RBC WBC&platelets plasma ? Answer: WBC & platelets Questions:

  19. What does the following allelic combination indicate, IAiO? Answer: heterozygous type A blood What would be the allelic combination for type AB blood? Answer: IAIB Questions:

  20. A blood typing test show agglutination in the anti-sera B well, but no agglutination in anti-sera A or Rh wells. What is the blood type? Answer: B- A blood typing test show no agglutination in the anti-sera B well, but agglutination in anti-sera A or Rh wells. What is the blood type? Answer: A+ Questions:

  21. Identify the cell in the picture below. How are platelets formed? A giant cell called a megakaryocyte (yes, you must have said this name to get the question right!) bursts and the fragments form platetlets Questions: • Answer: Leukocyte

  22. On a separate sheet of paper, construct a Punnett square illustrating the possible offspring of a type AB man and an O woman? Questions:

  23. Predict the possible offspring combinations of a heterozygous B type man and an O woman? 2/4 type B or 50% 2/4 type O or 50% Questions:

  24. Predict the possible offspring combinations of a heterozygous B type man and an heterozygous A type woman? 1/4 type B or 25%, 1/4 type O or 25%, 1/4 type AB or 25% , 1/4 type A or 25% Questions:

  25. Questions: Copy down the table and complete the empty cells

  26. When is erythropoietin released & what does it do in the body? Answer: it is released when low oxygen levels are detected by liver & kidneys… stimulates bone marrow to make more RBCs Name two other functions of platelets besides clotting. Answer: phagocytize bacteria & attract WBCs to site of inflammation Questions:

  27. Name two functions of plasma? Answer: Transport nutrients & gases Helps regulate fluid & electrolyte balance Helps maintain stable pH What is hemopoiesis (or hematopoiesis) and where does it occur? Answer: blood cells formation… occurs in the bone marrow Questions:

  28. What is the name of this process and what is occurring in each of the three stages below? Answer: Hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding) Questions:

  29. Questions: Mark each cell with a X or a  Blood Type of Recipient Blood Type of Donor A B AB O A B AB O Unsuccessful transfusion Successful transfusion

  30. Why is hemoglobin an important part of RBCs? Answer: they can carry oxygen Questions:

  31. Questions: Before: Blood Sample only • Use the before and after to identify the type of simulated blood • Answer: AB- (anti-sera contains antibodies, wells A & B agglutinated, therefore antigen A and B must have been present in order to react with anti-sera) After: Blood Sample + Anti-Sera A, B and Rh