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BASEBALL. “It’s All About the Blue” . Team Meeting May 14, 2010. “We are … Blue Sox!”. Agenda. Greetings & Introductions Scheduling Team Philosophy Family Focus Fundraising & Financial Commitments Q & A. Who Are We?. First Class Baseball Program for Competitive 9U Players

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  1. BASEBALL “It’s All About the Blue” Team Meeting May 14, 2010 “We are … Blue Sox!”

  2. Agenda • Greetings & Introductions • Scheduling • Team Philosophy • Family Focus • Fundraising & Financial Commitments • Q & A

  3. Who Are We? First Class Baseball Program for Competitive 9U Players Coaching Staff: • Darin Engert • Tim Brown • Eddie Sams • Scott Spinetto • Dave Berkemeier • Treasurer – Jeff Tucker • Schedule Coordinator – Eddie Sams • Fundraising Coordinator – Open, Still Need • Equipment Mgr – Tim Brown More importantly, the PLAYERS: • - kids introduce themselves -

  4. Scheduling • All dates are offered on a best effort basis • We will need commitment & flexibility • More practice than games • Communication to coaches re: vacations, family commitments • Fall Ball Scenarios • League schedule – See handout • Tournaments – next page

  5. Tournaments

  6. What We Are About MISSION: To ensure that every player “with the desire” continues to improve his overall knowledge, skill and love of the game of baseball. GOALS: Develop individual and team skills while maintaining the appropriate level of fair play, integrity and maturity in all games and practices. Prepare our kids to compete at their current & next level of competition. Earn World Series Berth “Results are earned, never promised.

  7. Winning Qualities – Players AND Families • ALWAYS Positive & Upbeat • Sets BIG Goals • Trains Hard to Be the Best • Loyal to COACHES & TEAM • Always Asking…”What Can I Do to HELP?” • …”What Can I Do to IMPROVE?” • Personally and Emotionally Invested with TEAM • Practice With a Mission & Goal • Coachable

  8. CLASS One way to show some class: Clap Loudly And Stay Supportive!

  9. Qualities of a Winning Team • Qualities of a WINNING team • There is no growth or success without pain. Growth requires training, time, energy, sacrifice, discipline, commitment, focus, courage, toughness, rewards, punishment, setbacks, disappointment, and TRUST. • The TEAM fails to reach its potential when it fails to pay the price. Sacrifice, time, personal development, and unselfishness are part of the price we pay for team success. • John C Maxwell

  10. Blue Sox Focus • Focused on advancing our kids knowledge • Train to the 9 and 10 year old level • Competition occurs in practice as well as in games • Concentration on fundamentals • More emphasis on HOW we practice • Success is a result of doing the right things everyday • Focus is on improvement • Attitude over aptitude

  11. Blue Sox Goals • Continuing to “GET BETTER” • Qualify for USSSA &/or Nations Baseball World Series Event • Remain at, or near, the top of J’Town league while focusing on “glorified competitive practice” • Attitude over aptitude • Relax a little & have some fun

  12. What We Are NOT • NOT Recreational Baseball • NOT DADDY Ball • NOT Little League or All-Stars • NOT Statistically Driven • NOT Just “Good Enough” • NOT Focused On League Wins & Losses • NOT Destructive On or Off the Field

  13. Team Killers • Divisive people are team killers. • They are the ones complaining, whining, and trying to find fault • with everyone and everything. They engage others with the • intent of getting them to “think and talk” negative. Simply put, • you must distance yourself from these people! They will drag • you down and kill the positive spirit of the team. • John C. Maxwell

  14. Commitment • Fundraising • Team & Individual • Flexibility with Schedule, League or Tourney • Flexibility with Player Availability • Cheer for ALL the Kids • Best Fit Available

  15. Work & Play Ethics • Your TALENT determines what you can do. • Your MOTIVATION determines how much you are willing to do. • Your ATTITUDE determines how well you do it! • Practice at home! It takes 10,000 hours to master your skill/craft • Take advantage of baseball camps • If unsure of what player needs to work on, ask a coach The dictionary is the only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK.

  16. Parent Trust • Parents will have trust: • Trust that the coaches make decisions with best intentions • Trust that decisions are made in the best interest of team • Trust that decisions are made with player development in mind • Trust that what and how kids do in practice matters • Trust that discipline and praise are administered consistently

  17. Expenses • 2009 - Budgeted to get through end of June 2009 • Stretched the $ to cover 2 other tourneys for “Spring/Summer Ball” PLUS 2 “Fall” Kid Pitch tourneys & a Fall League • There is “carryover” $ for many players • 2010 Budget & estimated costs for team & per player • Carryover applied

  18. Fundraising • Team & Individual Budget • Possible 2 Required Fundraising Functions • I.e. Texas Hold ‘em, Basketball Brackets, Concessions, Highway Cleanup, etc.

  19. Spirit Wear • DeShawn - Coordinating • Order Form to Pass Around • I.e. T-shirt costs $6.17 w/setup, pay $8 or $10. Price to be set by Jeff Tucker.

  20. Housekeeping Items • Medical Conditions? Meds? Allergies? • Dave B – Post Tourney Wrap – Ups After Discussing w/Darin • Saturday Grey Pants – Be at Park by 8:00 • New Website • • Additonal Q & A

  21. Website

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