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  1. Baseball The Muscular System

  2. What role does ATP play in muscle contraction? Answer: it is the source of energy for the sliding filaments Which muscle allows you to wrinkle your forehead? Answer: frontalis Questions:

  3. What structures connect muscles to bone? Answer: tendons Where is smooth muscle located? Cardiac? Answer: 1)smooth: hallow organs (stomach, intestine, etc) 2)cardiac:heart Questions:

  4. Define origin & insertion points. Answer: 1) points where muscle attaches to bone 2) origin :immovable or less movable point of attachment (muscle to bone) 3)insertion: movable point of attachment What is the minimal strength needed for muscle contraction? Answer: threshold Questions:

  5. What is a recording of an electrically stimulated isolated muscle called? Answer: myogram Why does skeletal muscle look striated? Answer: alternating layers of light and dark bands (actin & myosin) Questions:

  6. Which diagram shows a relaxed sarcomere, 8,9 or 10? Explain why Answer: 10…..z lines are far apart, long sarcomere Questions:

  7. During what time interval would the latent period occur? Answer: 0-2.5 msec Questions:

  8. Identify area 6 & indicate the role it plays in muscle contraction. Answer: Mitochondrion… supplies ATPs Questions:

  9. What type of summation is indicated by the myogram? Answer: tetanic contraction What is it called when muscles decrease in size or seem to waste away. Answer: atrophy Questions:

  10. Identify the fleshy muscle that runs across the cheek…whistling & chewing muscle Answer: Buccinator Increasing the angle between to bones is best known as flexion, true or false? Answer: false….extension Questions:

  11. Identify the area labeled # 5 & 6 Answer: biceps brachii & external obliques Gluteus maximus was named how (2 reasons) Answer: gluteal (body region) & size (maximus=large) Questions:

  12. Identify the area labeled # 5 & 6 Answer: 5)deltoid & 6)trapezius What is oxygen debt? Answer: the amount of oxygen required to convert built up lactic acid into glucose Questions:

  13. Identify the area labeled # 1 & 4 Answer: 1)gluteus medius & 4) gastrocnemius Why do actin and myosin come in contact with eachother only some of the time? Answer: Binding site on actin is covered up…preventing contact Questions:

  14. Identify area 7 & what is found within it? Answer: synaptic vesicles contains neurontransmitters (like acetylcholine) Questions:

  15. Identify the area labeled # 10 Answer: bucinnator Which muscle helps you wink? (name and number it) Answer: orbicularis oculi #2 Questions:

  16. When a muscle can no longer contract it is said to be…. Answer: fatigued Identify the area labeled # 1 and indicate its function Answer: sternocleidomastoid allows you to bow your head Questions:

  17. Identify the area labeled # 8 & indicate the action on #5 Answer: sartorius & dorsiflexion of the foot (tibialis anterior) Identify the area labeled # 2 to which group of muscles does this belong ? Answer: Vastus medialis…. quadriceps Questions:

  18. If a muscle fiber contracts at all, it will contract completely…. This is also known as Answer: all or none theory Identify by name & number the muscles that comprise the hamstrings Answer: 9-biceps femoris 8-semitendinosus 7-semimembranosus Questions:

  19. Identify the area labeled # 5 Answer: zygomaticus Which muscle helps you kiss? (name and number it) Answer: orbicularis oris #6 Questions:

  20. Identify the area labeled # 4 & 6 Answer: latissimus dorsi & triceps brachii When several muscles contract at a time, the one muscle responsible for the majority of movement is called Answer: the prime mover Questions:

  21. Identify the area labeled # 1, 2 &3 Answer: 1:A (dark) band 2: I (light) band 3: H zone What kind of muscle opposes or reverses a movement? Answer: antagonists Questions:

  22. Identify Area #3 Answer: Z Line What substance is #4 & 6? Answer: Actin & Myosin Questions:

  23. Identify the area labeled # 4 & 6 Answer: soleus & peroneus One neuron and all the skeletal muscle cells it stimulates is called a Answer: motor unit Questions:

  24. Order the events from first to last A. Acetylcholine is released from axonal terminal into synaptic cleft. B. Sarcomeres contracts c. Depolarization triggers action potential, travels along sarcolemma & T tubules. D. motor end plate is depolarized E. Action potential arrives at axonal terminal Answer: E-->A-->D-->C--->B Questions:

  25. Even when a muscle is at rest, its fibers usually remain partially contracted this is called…. Answer: muscle tone An increase in the number of motor units being activated is called Answer: recruitment Questions: