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NEW STANDARD Supplementary Materials

NEW STANDARD Supplementary Materials

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NEW STANDARD Supplementary Materials

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  1. NEW STANDARDSupplementary Materials Teaching Listening

  2. Aims • Review the stages of a listening lesson • Introduce some activities appropriate to different stages of a listening lesson • Introduce participants to New Standard Supplementary Listening Series for Senior Middle School • Introduce participants to a range of FLTRP materials for Senior Middle School students

  3. What are the main parts of a listening lesson? Set task to focus on more detailed understanding Set task to focus on overall understanding Arouse interest and introduce topic Discuss and feedback Teach new key words/phrases Encourage a personal response from your students

  4. Pre-listening While-listening Post-listening What are the main stages in a Listening lesson?

  5. Pre-task Settask YES NO Playtape Conclude Could they do the task? Feedback (St – St or St – T) The Feedback Circle Leadin Macmillan Learning Teaching p.174 (New Edition)

  6. Lead in When I was looking for my new flat, the most important thing was that it used strong materials like steel and concrete. I also wanted a place which had a solar heater. Goldfish bowl dictation

  7. Pre-listening task New Standard Listening Supplementary Materials Senior High Grade 1 Book 2 Module 1 Exercise A

  8. While listening 1 New Standard Listening Supplementary Materials Senior High Grade 1 Book 2 Module 1 Exercise D • Why are the couple talking to the other person? • What is the other person’s job? • What is the other person trying to do?

  9. While listening 2 New Standard Listening Supplementary Materials Senior High Grade 1 Book 2 Module 1 Exercise D

  10. Post listening • You have a flat that you want to someone to rent from you. Make a list of expressions to describe it. • Write an advertisement for your flat using the expressions in the list. • Use the list to take it in turns to try and persuade your partner to rent your flat.

  11. Supplementary Listening for Senior High School • Each module starts with pre-listening activities, including: • Introduction of key • vocabulary • Accessing knowledge • Practice of functions • and structures

  12. New Standard English Supplementary Listening The materials practise a broad range of listening sub-skills including: • Listening for main ideas (gist) • Listening for specific information (detail) • Listening and note- taking • Listening and inferring attitude and opinion

  13. Pre-listening tasks: arousing interest Predict content (p.11) Access knowledge (p.3)

  14. Pre-listening tasks: teaching key words Introduce key vocabulary (p.11) Describe pictures(p.37)

  15. While-listening tasks: listening for main ideas Multiple Choice (p. 17)

  16. Note taking (p. 43) Identify attitudes (p. 11) While-listening tasks: listening for details

  17. New Standard English Supplementary Listening Series • Includes all the requirements of the National Curriculum • Follows good English language teaching practice • Can be used in class or independently by learners

  18. New Standard English Supplementary Listening Series All supplementary books have: • Topics which match the textbook • Graded exercises • Pre-listening lead-in/warmers • Exam tasks

  19. Supplementary Reading • Read for meaning and information • Build and develop reading skills • Build and develop creative and critical thinking skills • Focus on the training of reading skills, and promote other language skills at the same time • Provide a variety of exercise types

  20. Assessment • Is based on the principle of “Learning through assessing; learning while assessing” • Focuses on the assessment of the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as the development of the learners’ comprehensive language skills • Provides a complete learning archive so as to help learners develop self-study abilities. (It has module goals at the beginning, assessing items in the middle, module check and learning diary at the end). • Provides various assessment approaches

  21. Other resources We provide other supplementary books for different uses: tests, exercises; vocabulary and detailed explanation of the textbooks.

  22. A little about Macmillan Publishers Who are we? What do we do in ELT in China? • One of the world’s leading publishers of: • English language teaching (ELT) materials • science, technology and medical journals (e.g. Nature) • academic and reference books • fiction and non-fiction • co-wrote the Primary, JH & SH NSE courses • provide advice and training to teachers • provide licensed & imported ELT course books

  23. Thank you for listening!