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C ivil W ar Computer C ompetency PowerPoint Presentation
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C ivil W ar Computer C ompetency

C ivil W ar Computer C ompetency

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C ivil W ar Computer C ompetency

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  1. Cheyenne McDonald CivilWar Computer Competency

  2. When did the Civil War occur? • The Civil war began on April 12,1861 • 1.April 12,1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. • 2.Battle of Bull run- July 21,1861 • 3.Battle of Gettysburg- July 1,1863 • 4. 5. Battle of Appomattox courthouse- April 9,1865 • Ended on April9, 1865

  3. What were the main weapons and vehicles used during the Civil War? • The repeating rifle for long range shooting. • Telegraphs to transports messages from military posts. • The rail road system s was used for transporting soldiers and supplies that were needed. • Iron clad ships . • Muskets for close range shooting • Horses • Marches

  4. How did the Civil War effect America’s future? • It allowed the nation to come back together and become stronger. I believe that the Civil War brought the benefits of the northern and southern states to form a better nation. If the Civil war had not occurred there would still be some sort of confinement to African Americans and other nationalities.

  5. How did the Civil War end? • General Edmund Kirby Smith, Commander of confederate forces, west of Mississippi, signed the surrender terms offered by the Union negotiators.

  6. What were the main events and battles of the Civil War? • 1. Fort Sumter- April 12,1861. The first battle of the Civil war started at 4:30 am in Charleston, South Carolina. The confederate troops open fire on the union troops under the orders of General Pierre Beauregard. The fort was badly damaged during the battle.

  7. Main events and battles • 2. Battle of Bull run- July 21,1861. It was also known as the Battle of Manassas. General McDowell, the leader of the Union army, was over confident because he had more men. The Union went into a full retreat after loosing many soldiers.

  8. Main events and battles • 3. Battle of Gettysburg- July 1,1863.The battle was fought between General Lee’s army of northern Virginia. This battle is one of the most famous wars dated.

  9. Main events and battles • 4. Battle of Appomattox courthouse- April 9,1865. General Lee is surrounded by confederate soldiers. He surrenders quietly himself quietly.

  10. Leaders • Union • Abraham Lincoln • General Ulysses S. Grant • Robert E. Lee • Confederate • Jefferson Davis • General Thomas Jonathan “stonewall” Jackson

  11. Who were the leaders for both the Union and Confederate sides? Union Confederate General Thomas Jonathan “stonewall” Jackson Born January 21, 1824, Clarksburg, VA Got his nick name from a military maneuver were he lined his soldiers in a wall like formation. Was promoted to Major General in October 7, 1861 Soldiers looked to him as a father figure. • General Ulysses S. Grant • Born April 27, 1822, Point Pleasant, Ohio. • 28th President of the United States. • One of the most famous Generals documented during the Civil War • He excelled in horsemanship and mathematics. • Grant fought in the Mexican War (1846-1848) • His first experience as a general was the Battle of Belmont, Missouri

  12. What alliances were made during the Civil War? • France, England ,Great Britain and Poland.

  13. Fact or Fiction? • Book fact-The southern states seceded from the union to preserve slavery and states rights. • Internet fact-The southern states seceded because they saw Abraham Lincoln’s election to office as a threat to slavery and their way of life.

  14. Who was involved in the Civil War? • Confederate • Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland • Union • Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island • Border States • Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware

  15. Children of the Civil War • Children played an important role in the Civil War serving as soldiers, drummer boys and musicians. Over 300 were under the age of ten and used fake identities and lied about their age. • John Lincoln Clem was 9 when he ran away from home and joined the 22nd Michigan as a drummer boy. With the help of other soldiers he was able to pay the required 13 dollars each month. In the battle of Chickamauga he shot an enemy officer and was named the drummer boy of Chickamauga. He was only wounded twice and retired in 1916 with the rank of major general.

  16. Women of the Civil War • Most women were affected by the war in many way. Some joined in the war effort working for various organizations, including the Ladies Hospital Aid Society, the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, and the United States Christian Commission. Others wanted to get more into the action of war. Women were the most successful spies recorded during the Civil War. Some even went as far as wrapping themselves in gauze and pretended to be men to be on the battle field.

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  18. The End The End