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INTRODUCING THE American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter PowerPoint Presentation
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INTRODUCING THE American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter

INTRODUCING THE American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter

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INTRODUCING THE American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter

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  1. INTRODUCING THE American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter Presenters: Prof. András Guttman Prof. Attila E. Pavláth Prof. Tamás Kiss Prof. Ferenc Darvas Dr. György Dormán Ildikó Kovács László Lengyel

  2. Introduction András Guttman President

  3. About the Chapter 65 members Established in 2003 by Attila Pavlath’s encouragement, past president of ACS

  4. Overview – I. Attila Pavlath: International ACS chapters; first days of the Hungarian chapter; the original goals and his member recruitment efforts; Milestones in Chemistry initiative and exhibition series Tamás Kiss: programs of the Chapter, Building of connections with societies; International Year of Chemistry program; presence at conferences Ferenc Darvas: connections with ACS and with famous Hungarian scientists in the US; ACS-HU sponsored symposia dubbed as FROST

  5. Overview – II. András Guttman: current programs of the Chapter; ACS-HU Csaba Horvath Memorial Lectureship; plans for the following years György Dormán: tradition of chemical sciences in Hungary Ildikó Kovács and László Lengyel: contribution of young members and how the Chapter supports young chemists

  6. Mission Statement • Mission: • promote the dissemination of chemistry and related fields to facilitate interfacing between the public and academia/industry • provide forums to address challenges in chemistry and related fields • utilize the experience and networks of the chapter members coming from industry, academia, and regulatory bodies

  7. Vision Statement • Vision: • ACS-HC is a premier non-profit scientific society facilitating the interaction among industry and academic professionals in chemistry and related fields

  8. HOW THE CHAPTER WAS BORN! Attila E. Pavlath ACS PRESIDENT, 2001 (

  9. Statue of Albert von Szent-Györgyi Milestones in Chemistry around Hungary

  10. TECHNOLOGY MILESTONES FROM THE CHEMIST’S VIEW This Exhibition is a processed version of the gallery `Technological Milestones’, prepared by members of the American Chemical Society under the chairmanship of professor Attila Pavlath. The Exhibition was made in 2007 at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary By Nora Rideg, undergraduate student, Supervised by Veronika Nemeth, assistant professor The Exhibition was sponsored by the Hungarian Chemical Society (MKE) and by the American Chemical Society

  11. Easily Portable 32-poster Display Amharic,Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Danish,Estonian,  Finnish,   French.  German, Greek,  Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,  Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian,Macedonian,Norwegian.Polish, Portuguese, Punjab, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian,  Spanish, Swedish,  Thai,Turkish, Ukrainian italic ones indicate almost finished status

  12. Starting Activities Tamás Kiss First President of ACS-HU

  13. First Years Finding a place to the Chapter among other communities Make it legitim and public Introductory Section in the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Chemists

  14. Chemical Landmark Project 1993-1995 Translation to Hungarian, make it visually more professional for pupils Collaboration with University of Szeged and the Hungarian Chemical Society →poster exhibition

  15. 1st National Conference on Chemistry Poster award from IUPAC at the 1st National Conference on Chemistry in 2011 -> Attila Pavlath’s talk

  16. International Activities Ferenc Darvas Past Chairman of the ACS Hungary Chapter(2005 – 2010)

  17. Goals fostering the relationships between the ACS and the Hungarian scientific community turning the attention towards innovation and new emerging areas of chemistry

  18. Dr. E. AnnNalley President of ACS Dr. Tamara Nameroff

  19. Invitedlecturers Dr. Yvonne C. Martin Prof. Richard R. Schrock Prof. Jay Siegel Prof. Barry Karger

  20. Hungarian and International Symposia 2007 2009 • The Day of Chemistry – 2005 • FROST (Frontiers in Organic Chemistry) Short Course series in Budapest • Enabling Chemistry Technologies – 2007 • Progress in Flow Chemistry - 2009

  21. Csaba Horváth Memorial Lectureship Lecture: New Approaches to Protein Structure Analysis for the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Next lectureship presentation: 2012 Prof. Barry Karger with András Guttman

  22. Lectures and Yearly Dinners Dr. Yvonne C. Martin Computer Assisted Molecular Design: Lead Hopping with Confidence

  23. Strategic Objectives - Bring the right topics to the table – utilizing our unique knowledge of all fields in chemistry. - Propagate forums to meet needs/challenges in chemistry and related fields. - Nurturing scientists, teachers, students, user/technicians and technology. - Providing opportunities for interaction between industry, students, regulatory, etc. - Conduct efficient, professional, fiscally responsible operations. - Develop communications strategies to enable exchange and dissemination of information via our website. - Establish a culture that supports the professional growth of our members.

  24. Financials György Dormán Treasurer of the Chapter

  25. Hungarian born Nobel Laureates related to Chemistry George C. de Hevesy, (Stockholm) Nobel Laureate, 1943 Pioneer of radiotracers George A. Olah (Univ. Southern California) Nobel Laureate, 1994 Discovery and application of carbocations Albert von Szent-Györgyi (Univ. Szeged, Nobel Laureate, in Physiology or Medicine, 1937) (later at Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA) Discovery and isolation of Vitamine C

  26. Other famous Hungarian chemists having achievements in the USA Prof. Csaba Horváth (Yale) (1930 – 2004) Inventor of high performance liquid chromatography, 1965 Gabor A. Somorjai (UC Berkeley) (1935–) „Father” of Surface chemistry

  27. Young Scientists Ildikó Kovács László Lengyel

  28. Hungary and Young Scientists – I. Young Scientist Poster Award on FROST2 2009

  29. Hungary and Young Scientists – II. LifelongLearning Hungary

  30. Summary Cultivate the good relationship between chemists in the US and Hungary, Help make ACS more known and to organize ACS courses, workshops, conferences in Hungary, Make the Society more recognized and popular among Hungarian chemists worldwide, Make the activity of ACS more known among Hungarian chemists and that of the Hungarian partner organization among Hungarian chemists living in the US, Represent the scientific interests of Hungarian chemists living temporarily in the US, Spread/distribute/translate ACS publications in Hungary.