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World War II

World War II. Daniel W. Blackmon. Mukden Incident. Germany Begins Open Rearmament. 1935 March 16 Germany repudiates military clauses of the Versailles Treaty. Italy invades Ethiopia. October 3, 1935. Germany Reoccupies the Rhineland. Spanish Civil War Begins. Rome – Berlin Axis Formed.

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World War II

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  1. World War II Daniel W. Blackmon

  2. Mukden Incident

  3. Germany Begins Open Rearmament • 1935 March 16 Germany repudiates military clauses of the Versailles Treaty

  4. Italy invades Ethiopia • October 3, 1935

  5. Germany Reoccupies the Rhineland

  6. Spanish Civil War Begins

  7. Rome – Berlin Axis Formed

  8. Anti-Comintern Pact

  9. Incident at the Marco Polo Bridge

  10. Panay Incident

  11. Germany Annexes Austria

  12. Munich Agreement

  13. Germany Violates the Munich Agreement

  14. Pact of Steel

  15. Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression Pact

  16. Germany Invades Poland

  17. USSR Invades Poland

  18. USSR Invades Finland

  19. Phoney War

  20. Germany Invades Norway and Denmark

  21. Churchill Becomes Prime Minister

  22. Germany Invades Belgium and Holland

  23. Churchill’s May 13 Speech

  24. Blitzkrieg: The Battle of France

  25. Dunkirk

  26. Churchill’s June 7 Speech

  27. Italy Invades France

  28. Churchill’s June 18 Speech

  29. Battle of Britain Begins

  30. Destroyers for Bases Deal

  31. Vichy Government Formed

  32. Italy Invades Egypt

  33. Operation Sealion “Postponed”

  34. Tripartite Pact Signed

  35. Mussolini Invades Greece • Mussolini’s offensive is stopped by the Greeks • Britain will offer aid to the Greeks, and re-deploy forces from North Africa to Greece

  36. The London Blitz Begins

  37. FDR Elected to Third Term

  38. “The Arsenal of Democracy”

  39. FDR: “Four Freedoms” Speech • freedom of speech, • freedom of religion, • freedom from want, • freedom from fear

  40. Plans to Attack Pearl Harbor • January 7 • Adm. Yamamoto begins planning for an attack on Pearl Harbor

  41. British Capture Tobruk • January 22, 1941 • British counter-offensive routs the Italians • Important coastal port of Tobruk falls

  42. Lend-Lease Act • March 11, 1941

  43. FDR and Neutrality • March 30, 1941 • US seizes all Axis shipping in US ports • US occupies Greenland and extends anti-submarine patrols further out to sea

  44. Hitler Briefs His Generals • March 30, 1941

  45. Rommel Besieges Tobruk • March 31, 1941 • Erwin Rommel, commanding the Afrika Korps, surprises the British with a counter offensive • Rommel runs the British back as fast as the British had run the Italians

  46. Hitler Invades Yugoslavia and Greece • April 6, 1941 • His purpose is to bail out Mussolini and to secure his southern flank for the invasion of Russia. He is extremely sensitive to British air strikes against the Ploesti oil fields.

  47. Russo-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact • April 19, 1941 • Ignorant of Hitler's plans, Japan concludes a nonaggression pact with Russia; Japan wants to clear its flank before moving into Indochina and the Dutch East Indies.

  48. FDR and Neutrality • June 14, 1941 • All Axis assets in the U.S. frozen

  49. Operation Barbarossa • June 22, 1941 • Adolf Hitler invades the Soviet Union • The bloodiest, most savage war in human history begins

  50. FDR and Neutrality • June 24, 1941 • FDR extends Lend-Lease Aid to the Soviet Union

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