graphics infographics and data visualization n.
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VisWeek: Graphics and Infographics PowerPoint Presentation
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VisWeek: Graphics and Infographics

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VisWeek: Graphics and Infographics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slides from my recent talk at the Visweek conference in Seattle, WA.

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VisWeek: Graphics and Infographics

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    Presentation Transcript
    graphics infographics and data visualization

    Graphics, Infographics, and

    Data Visualization:

    An Economist’s Call for

    Better Visuals

    Jonathan A. Schwabish

    Congressional Budget Office


    October 2012

    The views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and should

    not be interpreted as those of the Congressional Budget Office.

    graphics produced by economists policy and budget

    Graphics produced by

    economists, policy and budget

    analysts, government agencies…

    can be better

    sum 98

    Sum = 98%

    Sum = 100%

    Social Security Administration

    cbo s infographic demographic

    CBO’s Infographic Demographic

    • Member of Congress

    Wants to get specific information on a topic,

    a broad overview, quick facts, or bullet points.

    • Congressional Staffer

    Wants to get data quickly. Might be briefing

    Member on topics outside usual areas of


    cbo s infographics bring the most important

    CBO’s Infographics:

    Bring the most important

    information to the top

    the purpose of visualization is insight

    The purpose of visualization

    is insight, not pictures

    -Card, Mackinlay and Shneiderman (1999)