skeletal changes skeletal skin change n.
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الاسم : آية باسم العطل الموضوع : Skeletal changes & Skeletal Skin change & PowerPoint Presentation
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الاسم : آية باسم العطل الموضوع : Skeletal changes & Skeletal Skin change &

الاسم : آية باسم العطل الموضوع : Skeletal changes & Skeletal Skin change &

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الاسم : آية باسم العطل الموضوع : Skeletal changes & Skeletal Skin change &

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  1. الاسم : آية باسم العطل الموضوع : Skeletal changes & Skeletal Skin change & الرقم الجامعي :220123445 مقدم :د. عريفة البحري

  2. Skeletal changes Back pain • Skin change Hair growth

  3. Back pain • Introduction • The reason • Tips to avoid back pain

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  5. Introduction • 75 % of pregnant women suffer from back pain in a certain period . Divided back pain during pregnancy into three sections , the first is a lower back pain haunting pregnant for the duration of the pregnancy , and the second section at the bottom of the back and extends to the thighs and gradually increases as the pregnancy progresses , and the third section is only during the night.

  6. The causes of back pain The reasons for back pain during pregnancy from woman to woman . But the most prominent causes remain follows:- Significant weight gain during pregnancy.- Increase the secretion of certain hormones that cause relaxation of the ligaments between the pelvic bones and joints.- Increasing the size of the child and thus dramatically change the center of gravity of the body.- Do daily chores that increase back pain such as business or home to sit for long hours in front of the TV

  7. avoid back pain Antal low -heeled shoes and a well- padded- Try not to carry heavy objects altogether.- When having to carry heavy objects , make sure to adjournment attached to your body and knees bent , not your back when lifting.- Marcy walking for 30 minutes , it improves your circulation and relieve back pain .- Avoid sitting in the wrong positions and try to keep your back in an upright position .- Use a special pregnancy pillow that can be placed in the abdomen because it eases back pain in an effective manner .- Nationalist take a hot bath because hot water limit of back pain significantly.- Use a belt to help relieve back pressure and thus relieves him of Ojaek

  8. طريقة الجلوس والوقوف الآمنة في الحمل.

  9. Skin change • Change in the color of the skin during pregnancy- Increasing degree Asmraralgeld especially in places such as the nature of dark nipples , armpits , thighs and genitals.- Increases the degree of color freckles and birthmarks that existed before pregnancy- Discoloration of the face , especially the front nose and cheeks and brown what is known pregnancy and appears in at least 70 % of pregnant womenNaturally, the less severe of these changes gradually after the end of pregnancy , but that costs may continue for a longer period for other changes , particularly with exposure to the sun for long periods or the use cosmetics and cosmetics as it becomes more ill atUse of oral contraceptives and in this case may resort to the use of sunscreen and bleaching creams for cost

  10. hair during pregnancy May occur hair loss in the first months of pregnancy may increase the precipitation profusely after birth and then gradually improves in 6 monthsWhen some women increases the growth of the body and facial hair , but may become thicker and coarser . Improved gradually during the 6 months after birth and continued for a longer period without improvement must rule out other causes such as causing ovarian cysts or hormonal imbalanceChanges in the glands of the skin during pregnancyThe sweat glands may occur so-called excessive sweating in some women during pregnancy and cause sometimes in the emergence of the fierceness of the Nile- Sebaceous glands aggravate acne when after the ladies or his debut with othersThe projections show a brown Bhelmat breast as a result of some of the breadth of the sebaceous glands found in this place