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Top Ranks’ Families in Russia PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Ranks’ Families in Russia

Top Ranks’ Families in Russia

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Top Ranks’ Families in Russia

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  1. Top Ranks’ Families in Russia and their ties with business Roman Shleynov «Novaya Gazeta», Moscow, Russia Lillehammer, Norway, 2008

  2. Novaya Gazeta:Why we focused on that topic? • Lack of public control over the officials in Russia • Weak regulation and limits for the officials • Strong pressure of state bureaucracy on business • Corruption as a state institution • Protectionism and conflict of interests eliminate free competition and stop economic development

  3. The top ranks we monitored: • president • head of presidents administration and his assistants • prime-minister and ministers • special service (FSB) director, head of security council ------------------------------------------------------Total: 9 top figures were monitored Mainly representatives of executive power

  4. Example of top rank’s family business Restaurant inside Secret Service headquarter Malaya Lubyanka Str., 7 Moscow

  5. Photos from restaurant website

  6. Example of top rank’s family business Bank and + Building company in Spain 100% His nephew, Alexey Patrushev «Stroylesproduct» Company (St. Petersburg) «National Military Foundation» («National Charity Foundation»), initiated by Vladimir Putin Head of Security Council, former director of Federal Security Service (FSB) Nikolay Patrushev $ 5 million joint project: Trade center in St. Petersburg president Russian Volleyball Federation Deputy general director Alexander Gordienko director 100% «Lubyansky» Restaurant, former KGB (FSB) canteen, inside Federal Security Service building in Moscow «Kvorum-Invest» Company (Moscow)

  7. Example of parliamentary member’s family business Jewelry shop inside Russian Parliament

  8. Example of parliamentary member’s family business «Youventa Stroy» company His Daughter, Svetlana Yazeva «Yava Stroy» company 3 million RUR 3 million RUR Parliament member, Chairman of parliamentary committee for Energy, transportation and communications Member of «United Russia» pro president party Valeriy Yazev Head of «Russian Gas Society», Gazprom lobbyist February 9, 2004 the biggest donation to Vladimir Putin elections campaign «Youveline», Jewelry shop in the hall Of Russian Parliament

  9. General example of top rank’s family links with business Head or co-founder Charity Foundation, non commercial Organization or project Top ranking public official His wife Co-founders, Members or sponsors Companies or businessmen linked with top ranking public official, or intending to demonstrate their loyalty

  10. Dmitry Medvedev, president Svetlana Medvedeva, his wife Church program on moral culture of young generation The only businessman in the board Valery Volodin, head and co owner of perfumery distributing Company «Edinaya Evropa» Vladislav Surkov, deputy head of president’s administration Julia Vishnevskaya, his wife Dolls Museum, non commercial organization «Ferro-Stroy» company founded by top manager and co-owner of Russian metallurgic holding «Evraz Group» Alexander Abramov Building, approx. $ 1 million Viktor Khristenko, minister of industry Tatiana Golikova, his wife, Minister of health care Foundation for monastery reconstruction The head of «Magma» Sergey Preobrazhensky, distributor for Magnitogorsk metallurgy plant Irina Tyntiakova, his wife Alexey Kudrin, minister of finance «Valentine Youdashkin Group» (elite dresses) The company of Alexander Karmanov, the supplier of pipes for Gazprom

  11. Former head of the Section of confiscated property (Russian Federal Property Foundation) and his wife Started business in France and invested 600 000 Euros of unknown origin

  12. Tracing links in Russia using legal opportunities • Personal sources • Companies’ information and other databases • Public internet resources: forums, classmates and students unions, resources like Facebook, headhunting resources

  13. Problems • The law about personal data is not perfect • Officials ignore journalists requests or try to give formal answers • Traditional non formal ties in Russian society • Not independent courts, parliament and law enforcement