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UC DAVIS. Danae Charlot & Anna Rivera Per 2 Avid 9. specialty & economic status. Uses the quarter system located in the heart of the Central Valley, close to the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. UC DAVIS Danae Charlot & Anna Rivera Per 2 Avid 9

  2. specialty & economic status • Uses the quarter system • located in the heart of the Central Valley, close to the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area. • Program known for: UC Davis is a global leader in energy research, writing the world’s first low • carbon fuel standard and pioneering such areas as alternative energy • sources, efficient lighting technologies, hybrid vehicle technology and air • quality management.

  3. Gunrock The Mustang

  4. Key events: Showcasing, blood drives, plays, Seminars, poetry meetings, Wine tasting with mascot=) SSPPOORRTTSS!

  5. Students who graduated in 2009: 32,153 • Suburban, 5,300 acres • Student population:2,600 students

  6. Campus housing • Residence halls,campus apartments,&cooperatives • Privatized apartments located on campus • Residence halls have segundo, tercero,& cuarto area • Apartments (on UC Davis)have an orchard& solano park • Each building is very unique in character • Student housing partner with several private apartment complexes to operate a transfer-student specific apartment program called single student apartments(SSA) • All Buildings are located on university property, except the cuarto area residence halls, which are located on the main campus • Get the option of on-campus or in the davis community student housing

  7. 46% get accepted Level of difficulty to get accepted

  8. Athletic program Sports!!!!!!!! <GO Gunrock!!!! • Men Sports: archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling, cheerleading, cross country,diving. Football, etc. • Women Sports:fencing , field hockey, cheerleading, cross country, basketball, bowling,etc.

  9. Key clubs:Golden Key International Honor Society- Some of the Degrees offered: A.B.–Bachelor of Arts, B.S.–Bachelor of Science, Certificate, M.A.–Master of Arts…many more…

  10. Common student profile: A typical student might spend the morning experimenting in a chemistry lab, the afternoon playing club lacrosse and the evening performing on the stage of the Mondavi Center.

  11. The M.F.A Program in Art Studio at UC Davis offers a unique opportunity for study across a wide range of visual arts. The focus is to hone artistic and perceptive abilities, skills, and intellectual development for individual students in their pursuit of careers as practicing artists. Students are strongly encouraged to explore whatever mediums work most honestly for their artistic expression. The Art Department has facilities for the following media: drawing, ceramic/clay sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, video, and sculpture (we do not have a foundry). Graduate students are also given large, individual studios on campus which are located near the main art building.

  12. Some of the key clubs and events are……American Medical Student Association (AMSA) , • Organizations-fraternities & sororities • Clubs- Sacramento public relations association-strives to present the highest standard of professionalism, honesty, & integrity • Black pre-law association (professional student law organization) aims to increase the number of colored people to law school & in the legal profession

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