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UC Davis

UC Davis. 外文四 林韡勻. Where is UC Davis?. Some Facts. University of California, Davis City : college town Founded in : 1905 Campus Area : 2144 hectares Student Enrollment : 32,653 System: Quarter

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UC Davis

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  1. UC Davis 外文四林韡勻

  2. Where is UC Davis?

  3. Some Facts • University of California, Davis • City: college town • Founded in: 1905 • Campus Area: 2144 hectares • Student Enrollment: 32,653 • System:Quarter • Known for: agriculture, viticulture & enology, biological sciences, veterinary medicine.

  4. Ethnicity

  5. Some Rankings • 7th among public universities and 27th among public and private universities (The Best Colleges' Top 50 Colleges and Universities in America 2011-12) • 32nd among the nation's research universities and 46th among the world's research universities (2012 Academic Ranking of World Universities by the Center for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) • 10thhappiest U.S. college campus (NewsWeek College Rankings 2011)

  6. Why Did I Choose UCD? • Language • Specialties • Prestige • Personal Experience

  7. Some Discoveries • Koreans!

  8. Food

  9. Course • Discussion Session • Quarter System/Heavy Load • Inpiration

  10. 當中文小老師的時候,要忘記英文;面對日韓交換生的時候,記得不要說中文;上西班牙文課的時候,要棄絕英文;下了課之後,別再用西班牙腔發音;零碎時間,還要訪問在地人來分析美國方言。當中文小老師的時候,要忘記英文;面對日韓交換生的時候,記得不要說中文;上西班牙文課的時候,要棄絕英文;下了課之後,別再用西班牙腔發音;零碎時間,還要訪問在地人來分析美國方言。

  11. 最近忙番了,我覺得我在參加魔鬼寫作訓練營,平均兩個禮拜要交一篇小論文,但往往要花很多很多時間才能有一點頭緒,再加上每個禮拜都要和一個新的大師奮戰(佛洛依德、康德、拉康等等),這大概是我腦部開發(或是毀損)最大量的一段時間...。最近忙番了,我覺得我在參加魔鬼寫作訓練營,平均兩個禮拜要交一篇小論文,但往往要花很多很多時間才能有一點頭緒,再加上每個禮拜都要和一個新的大師奮戰(佛洛依德、康德、拉康等等),這大概是我腦部開發(或是毀損)最大量的一段時間...。

  12. Challenges • Academic • Communication (Cultural Difference) • Living Situation

  13. Stupid Things Happen • Garbage Can • Gas Station

  14. Opportunities & Dreams Come True • Chinese Tutor • Kindergarten Intern • TEDxUCD • Voice Lessons • Les Misérables • Hollywood • Disneyland • Napa Valley • Seattle

  15. 一個人旅行

  16. Balance?

  17. What Is Your Purpose?

  18. Thank You Questions?

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