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United Nations

United Nations

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United Nations

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  1. United Nations Criticisms

  2. A Dependency Culture? • Some of the aid the UN gives can be criticised for being too much of a hand out not a hand up • The WFP’s budget is around $5 billion, however $2 billion of it comes form the US • The vast majority of this comes in the form of sacks of surplus American food • Discussion question – Why might this negatively impact on the people where the aid is being delivered?

  3. Not meeting the target • The world recession has bitten hard into the budget of the United Nations • Developed nations promised to pledge the UN target of 0.7% of their GNI to their aid budgets • Although not in Africa, the situation in Syria illustrates donors reluctance to commit to aid. • Only half of the aid required was given by UN members despite the humanitarian crisis which has engulfed the country

  4. Can’t always deliver • In 2010, The WFP had to pull out of most areas of southern Somalia due to the threat to their workers • They said around 1 million people would not receive the aid they required • Militants demanded that women working in the area for the WFP be removed from their jobs • See notes on WFP and Somalia for more detailed information

  5. Corruption • UN agencies have to work through official government channels, opening their aid up to corruption • In 2010, the WFP were heavily criticised for their role in a scandal which led to almost half of the food aid (worth over $200 million) being distributed to Al Shabbaband corrupt contractors working for the UN • They were found to be selling the food or swapping the food for other things such as false passports etc • Watch the video clip which gives you more of an insight into the scandal.

  6. General Limitations • The aid the UN deliver is limited by a number of factors, including: • Conflict • Corruption • Debt • Unfair trade • In your essays it is important to remember these factors which limit the effectiveness of aid, regardless of the course

  7. Possible exam question • To what extent are the UNO effective in promoting development in Africa?