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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico . By Azaria and Devin. Located. Puerto Rico is located in Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and north Atlantic Ocean. Countries and bodies of water surrounding .

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Puerto Rico

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  1. Puerto Rico By Azaria and Devin

  2. Located • Puerto Rico is located in Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and north Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Countries and bodies of water surrounding • Surrounding Puerto Rico is the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Virgin Island and Dominican Republic.

  4. Points Of Latitude And Longitude. • The points of Longitude and Latitude are 18°, 15° ’’ N / 60°, 30° ’’ W

  5. Landforms And Their Importance • The waters between Isla Mona and the capital, San Juan, form a key shipping lane vessels heading to the Panama Canal.

  6. Climate • Their climate is mildly tropical, with warm and sunny weather. Rain falls mainly between May and December.

  7. Plants and Trees • Most of Puerto Rico’s tropical forest are gone. Trees that remain, include the Ceiba and Poinciana. Orchids, jasmine and hibiscus also grow on the island.

  8. Crops • Their crops are coffee, sugarcane and plantain.

  9. Wildlife • Lizards • Snakes • Parrots • Frogs • Geese • Bats

  10. Population and Language • 3,955,128 people live in Puerto Rico! • Most of the people speak Spanish, and you can find some that speak English too.

  11. Major Cities • Cities • San Juan (Capital) • Bayamon • El Morro • Arecibo • Carolina • Fajardo • Isabel Segunda • Caguas • Utuado

  12. Copper Limestone Cobalt Chromium Nickel Iron Clay Peat Good weather Natural Resources

  13. Agriculture • For hundreds of years Puerto Rico’s economy depended on agriculture. Today farming accounts for only 1 % of Puerto Rico’s income. Less than 3 % of Puerto Rico’s workforce is involved in farming.

  14. Industry • Puerto Rico’s industry began with Operation Bootstrap, an outgrowth of Governor Luis Munoz Marin’s scheme drawn up in the 1940’s. It was designed by Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico and set pattern for the island’s economic and the patter for social reconstruction.

  15. Economic Issues • Operation Bootstrap developed a power system and gave supervised loans. Wanted foreign governments to develop there. • jobs

  16. Affects of climate on people • They have hurricanes and it gets hot and dry. Sometimes their rain lasts up to 5- 20 minutes! They also have sun most of the time, so it’s mostly hot.

  17. History • Attacked by pirates • Ruled by Spanish • After Spanish-American War Puerto Rico was a possession of the United States • Became a commonwealth in 1952 of the United States.

  18. Immigration and Migration • Two million Puerto Ricans migrated to the United States. Now there are 3.1 million people in Puerto Rico! People keep moving in and people are being added to the island.

  19. Transportation/ Communication • Cars, boats, airplanes, buses, and walking are some of the transportations. • Most families have at least one car. • Buses and taxis are in large urban areas. • Cell phones and internet are uses in Puerto Rico. • They also have radios, television stations, and newspapers.

  20. Attractions: • Hotels are really neat because they have giant pools and good food. • The people in Puerto Rico are really nice and welcoming. • You can visit rainforests, caves, cascades, rivers, deserts, and forests. And mostly green climate all year!

  21. Traditions • One of the traditions they have is, while a priest is performing a traditional Puerto Rican wedding ceremony, he blesses a plate of coins and gives them to the groom. After the wedding vows have been exchanged, the groom gives the plate to his bride, witch she keeps as a wedding present from her husband. The gift of coins represent good luck and prosperity for the newly weddings.

  22. Customs • When we move away slowly, it is an insult. • For pointing at someone, they pucker their lips and point the way the person is standing.

  23. Land Division • Puerto Rico is separated by provinces!

  24. Government • Puerto Rico is a self- governing common wealth

  25. Ethnic Groups • 69% Puerto Ricans • 2.5% Americans • 2.1% Spanish • 1.7% Dominican • 0.8% Hispanic

  26. Religious Groups • Many Religious briefs are practiced in Puerto Rico, but most Puerto Ricans consider themselves Roman Catholics. Spanish colonists brought the Christian Roman Catholic Religion to the island hundred of years ago. Protestant religion is another Christian faith, and is growing quickly.

  27. Food • Puerto Rican food is a unique blend of tastes. • Some main food diets are Stews and meat pies. Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Shellfish are parts of many dishes. Most dishes are served with Rice. Fruits and Vegetables are used in Puerto Rico dishes. • Coconut is in desserts like flan and tableau, a custard dessert.

  28. Basketball Baseball Football Bowling Roller-skating Biking Fishing Golf Hiking Camping Sailing Diving Swimming Tennis Cockfighting Cycling Horseback Riding Surfing Sports

  29. Family Life • Kids stay at home until they marry • Families have an average of three kids • Children share the responsibility of caring elderly parents

  30. Homes • Most of the Homes of Puerto Rico are built of Cinderblocks covered with Stucco. Young Families often live in apartments. Floors tend to be made of ceramic tile, witch stays cool in the heat. • They mostly have fans because air conditioners are really expensive

  31. Clothing • Style is very important to them. • They like to walk around shirtless • When the tribes were there, Men, Teenagers, and Children of both genders, would walk around naked. • Married women wear cotton shirts. Some women now, wear bikini tops and bottoms, while It’s hot.

  32. Music • Classical • Reggae • Rap • The most popular kind of music in Puerto Rico is the Salsa. The Salsa first developed in Puerto Rico Communities, New York and has shifted to Puerto Rico.

  33. Recreation Activities • Golf • Water sports • Horseback Riding • Night life and more • The main activity they do are water sports.

  34. Video • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvOLT7fjQ3Q

  35. Quiz • 1. Where is Puerto Rico located? • 2. What are some of the customs? • 3. What are 2 attractions? • 4. How many different kind of transportations do they have? • 5. How many Puerto Ricans migrated to the United States?

  36. Sites Used • World Book • Culture Grams • Ask.com • Answers. com • Wikipedia • Books

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