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Chapter: 9. Leadership. Overview. http://youtu.be/ uW8HDrKYisc.

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  1. Chapter: 9 Leadership

  2. Overview • http://youtu.be/uW8HDrKYisc The story of Despicable Me directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud follows the villain Gru and his diabolical scheme to steal the moon; however, when he uses a trio of orphan girls to help in his scheme, he finds that the power of their love changes his evil ways.

  3. The main protagonist of the movie • A villain who is past his prime • Wants to steal the moon to redeem himself • Adopts Margo, Edith, and Agnes to unwittingly help with his scheme against Vector Gru • Three orphans from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls • Margo, being the oldest, is the "leader" of the group • Want to be adopted by a loving family • Gru and the girls are wary of each other at first, but win each other over and become a family in the end Meet the Characters The Girls

  4. The Minions • Gru's followers • Assist Gru in carrying out his villainous plans • Simple-minded, fun-loving and kind • Enjoy music & dancing http://youtu.be/Db04mQkizds

  5. Gru's assistant/friend • Builds weapons and gadgets Dr. Nefario Gru's younger rival A fellow villain Stole the Pyramid of Giza Vector • President of the Bank of Evil • Gru wants to borrow money from him • Vector's father Mr. Perkins

  6. The Struggle for POWER Gru’s ultimate goal is to be the #1 villain and master of evil

  7. How Gru Uses our Key Terms

  8. This movie illustrates two completely different types of leaders; Gru, being the traditional, old-fashioned supervillian and Vector, the hip, modern villian and allows us to differentiate between the two Differentiation- Involves highlighting the unique or special qualities of a company's product or service http://youtu.be/H22lMqugd58

  9. Competitor Analysis- Important in identifying whether a similar product or service is offered by other companies in nearby or remote locations or if any past attempts to offer the product or service have failed. Gru sizes up his competition by comparing himself to the newest guy offering the same type of evil

  10. Strategic Thinking- Collecting relevant environmental data and making conscious choices about organizational values, niche, and direction. http://youtu.be/t47pACgo_XY Gru thinks he is thinking strategically when trying to invade Vector’s home but falls a bit short!

  11. Superordinate Goals- broad outcomes that everyone in the organization is motivated to achieve http://youtu.be/YITu1rwWLyY Gru motivates the minions and encourages them to follow him in achieving his goal of stealing the moon

  12. Leadership Lessons

  13. Lesson #1 – Nothing of any magnitude or of any great significance can be accomplished alone.Gru’slittle helpers called “minions”. It was only through their dedication that things kept running behind the scenes.Lesson #2 – You will always have someone who is trying to do something similar; leverage that.Most of the tension between Gru and his nemesis in the film was because they chose to work against each other instead of with each other. Co-opetition can be infinitely better than competition under the right circumstances.

  14. Lesson #3 – At some point in your leadership you will be forced to make a decision between what is right and what is a “part of your plan”.Gru was faced with this decision and unfortunately chose the “part of your plan” bit. He accomplished his goals, but lost something of greater value in the process. There are times when it is better to take the road less traveled and believe that it is just the right thing to do. What good is an accomplished goal if no one is there to celebrate it with you?Lesson #4 – When you stop using people as a tool to complete a task and begin to appreciate them for who they are, amazing things happen.Initially, Gru wanted to use these 3 young girls as pawns in his evil plot. As he made changes in his approach to how he dealt with these young girls, his life took a very different turn.

  15. Lesson #5 – When you give to others, what you receive in return is absolutely incredible. Gru, in his own awkward way, began to give instead of take. He recognized the needs of others and allowed those needs to become his responsibility. The change that came from this decision was truly transformative in his life.

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