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Olympic Games in London PowerPoint Presentation
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Olympic Games in London

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Olympic Games in London
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Olympic Games in London

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  1. Olympic Games in London

  2. Thirties Summer Olympic Games held in London, the British capital. London became the first city to host the Games for the third time.

  3. Within the Greater London disposes most of the sports facilities, divided into three zones -the Olympic, in the Olympic Park, the river, along the River Thames in the east of the city and center in the center and west of the region.

  4. The opening ceremony took place on July 27 at a new, specially built for the games, 80000th Olympic Stadium, and was known as "The Island of Miracles". Directed by Oscar ceremony is Danny Boyle. Game opened the British Queen Elizabeth II.

  5. The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was called the "Symphony of British Music", was held on August 12 at the Olympic Stadium. By tradition, the ceremony was handed the Olympic flag to the mayor of the capital next summer Olympics.

  6. The image is composed of four parts in the form of irregular polygons that represent the digits of the Olympics - "2", "0", "1", "2". In one part of the insertion of the word «London», and in the other - the image of the Olympic rings. The logo is available in four colors: blue, green, orange and pink.

  7. Games mascots - Wenlock and Mandeville. Games mascots were announced on May 19, 2010. They were, according to the authors, two drops of steel from Bolton called Wenlock and Mandeville. They are named after the town of Much Wenlock, in which held its first event like the Olympic Games, and the hospital campus Stoke Mandeville, which held its first event in Great Britain such as the Paralympic Games. Both mascots in one eye, and they are painted with logos Games

  8. The official anthem of the Olympic Games in London was the song Survival of Muse. The song was made during the opening of the Olympic Games, as well as all the award ceremonies athletes. The song became the main theme for the international television savers Olympics.

  9. Olympic Torch Relay 2012 Summer Olympic Games held from May 19 to July 27, 2012, until the opening of the Olympic Games. Relay passed through the territory of the United Kingdom, it also went to the Crown Lands - Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.

  10. On awards in various denominations is the Games logo with rays. On the reverse side of the coin depicts the goddess of victory Nike and the River Thames. The author of the project was the designer David Watkins.

  11. Pupil сlass 9A School № 25 Pyatigorsk city Krohova Maria Teacher:Borodina A.A. The presentation