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  2. PURPOSE • To recognize Wastewater personnel for their excellence in Wastewater Operations. Operators make pollution control happen. • The competition is entertaining and educational for spectators and competitors alike. • The competition serves as an opportunity to promote “clean water” activities.

  3. The Competition • Each team consists of four members • Teams compete in the following five events. • Process Control • Laboratory Techniques • Pump Maintenance • Collection Systems • Safety

  4. Process Control Involves the solving of process control math problems. • Preliminary Treatment • Odor Control • Primary, Secondary, & Advanced Treatment • Solids Stabilization Methods • Dewatering • Disinfection

  5. Laboratory Techniques Examples of Laboratory Techniques include: • Titration • Preparation of a standard solution from a stock solution • Total residual chlorine sample analysis • Identification of microscopic organisms, bacteria, algae or other activated sludge

  6. Pump Maintenance The Pump Maintenance event involves testing the skills of a maintenance and operations team in responding to a lift station pumping outage.

  7. Collection Systems In the Collection Systems event teams will perform a repair on an eight inch gravity PVC sewer pipe. They also install a flow meter transducer and obtain flow readings.

  8. Safety • The Safety event involves the rescue of an unconscious co-worker from the bottom of a maintenance hole. • The co-worker is suspected of being overcome with an unknown chemical gas or lack of oxygen.

  9. Awards • First place trophy for each event. • Second place trophy for each event. • Third place trophy for each event. • Overall trophy for the best team. • “The Perpetual Trophy” is also awarded to the overall best team.

  10. Eligibility & Qualifications • Teams must be CWEA Members. • Teams must be composed of four members. • Teams must be composed of the same four individuals for all five events. • Members of a team may come from the same employer or from multiple employers.

  11. Eligibility & Qualifications (cont.) • Individual team members will be actively employed by a responsible operating wastewater entity or agent. (The intent is that team members will be those actually involved in wastewater collection, operations, laboratories, industrial pretreatment, or maintenance functions).

  12. Competition Registration • Team entry applications will be accepted along with the Conference registration. • A total registration fee of $200.00 per team and coach. • All team members must attend the Pre-Competition meeting at the conference.

  13. Judging • Each team will be judged and scored separately in each event according to established criteria. • There will be one or more judges per event, with a separate head judge for each event. • The scoring is assessed by time, and modified by added time for penalties. • Judges are volunteers. • Judges cannot compete or assist teams. • Judges from the same employer will abstain from judging their “home” team.

  14. Judging (cont.) • Teams compete concurrently in each event. • Team captains will be asked to initial their raw score at the conclusion of each event. • Team captains will be informed of any penalties their team incurs. Judges will notify them of the overall penalty time only. • The scores of all events will be totaled and the teams ranked accordingly.

  15. Judging (cont.) • Disagreement with a judge’s ruling will be resolved by the team captain, event coordinator and the chair. • Attempts will be made to settle the protest as soon as practical. It is requested that throughout this process courtesy and professionalism be extended to all parties involved. Failure to render courtesy to judges and event staff can result in an additional penalty being assessed to the offending team.

  16. Equipment and Supplies • The Operations Challenge Chair is responsible for obtaining all equipment and supplies required for the competition. • The teams will supply safety shoes, gloves, glasses, hard hats, calculators, tape measures and personal items.

  17. Schedule for the Competition • Wednesday afternoon of the conference a pre-competition team meeting is held. The process control event follows. • Thursday afternoon of the conference the laboratory, pump maintenance, collection and safety event continues.

  18. Competition Support • The Water Environment Federation provide the rules and regulations for the competition. • Vendors and other Agencies support the competition by providing equipment, supplies, and expertise.

  19. Study/Reference Materials • Go to the Water Environment Federation website at or call 1.703.684.2400. •

  20. Contacts • Don Rojo, CSD-1 at 916.875.6424 or e-mail • CWEA web-site at

  21. Thank You Questions??