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Mid Point Presentation

Shared Test Case Project. Mid Point Presentation. By Team Guardians. Agenda. Introduction The Problem What we have done so far Project status Risks Reflections Plan for the fall semester. The Guardians team. Dilip Narayanan Gaurav Jalan Nithya Janarthanan. Our mentors.

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Mid Point Presentation

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  1. Shared Test Case Project Mid Point Presentation By Team Guardians

  2. Agenda • Introduction • The Problem • What we have done so far • Project status • Risks • Reflections • Plan for the fall semester

  3. The Guardians team Dilip Narayanan Gaurav Jalan Nithya Janarthanan

  4. Our mentors The Mentors said…. Studio projects are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…. Eduardo Miranda, Associate Teaching Professor, ISR Vijay Sai, SEI

  5. Client • Jason Weighley, Rail Control Systems, Bombardier Transportation • External Consultants • Prof. Anthony Tomasic • Frederick Pfisterer

  6. The Problem FAT Testing Division V&V Testing Division I see a lot of overlap. If only I could identify the common test cases !!! FAT Test Document V&V Test Case Document

  7. I don’t have to write a new test case. This reduces costs. FAT Match Found Are there any test cases that are similar to the one I am going to write now ? Match not Found I have to write a new test case. V&V

  8. Project Overview • Customer Goals: To help Bombardier testing division to identify at least 20% of the common test cases between their test groups • Academic Goals: To formalize the BT Test Case information in an efficiently searchable and retrievable manner

  9. Project Plan • Approve Milestone plan with Eduardo and attach here, with milestones achieved in green, slipped in red and others in yellow.

  10. Milestone plan

  11. Milestone plan Contd... M10 Complete examination and Approval of 274 test cases 5th October, 2009

  12. Why two tracks • CTCI track: • For our domain learning • To reduce customer’s risk by ensuring critical common test cases are delivered on schedule • TCCS track: • To provide a scalable solution that can be used for other test cases • To meet our learning objectives

  13. CTCI Status

  14. CTCI Status - 2

  15. Common Test Case Identification System Hierarchical organization of domain data The following test cases are similar Test case 1 Test Case 2 Tester enters the use case details Repository of Test cases

  16. Test Case Comparison System - Updates • Technical Research – Identification of suitable approaches • Literature Review • Mentor Meetings • Meetings with Subject Matter Experts • Prof. Anthony Tomasic • Frederick Pfisterer

  17. Identified areas of Research • Areas of Research • Natural Language Processing • Text Processing Systems • Vector space models (Lucene) • Ontology(Protégé) • Hybrid Approach

  18. Identification of suitable approaches Identify the Technology usage context and Evaluation goals Develop Model Problem Process for Approach Evaluation Plan the Evaluation Analyze model problems against technology usage context Is technology a good fit ? Modify Technology or Context yes No

  19. Top 3 Risks

  20. Reflections - What went wrong • Busy Customer • Lack of Clarity of project Scope • No Roles and Responsibilities • Lack of a proper Process for each activity • Ineffective Meetings • Activity based planning

  21. Reflections (What went well) • Identified alternate points of contacts with the customer • Fixing up the next customer meeting at the end of the current meeting • Process for each of the activities • Meeting • Common test case comparison • Learning and Research activities • Meeting process • Buffer time = 15% of total duration • Following the time boxing of the agenda items • Ideas list (in addition to the action items) • Scribe uses a shared Google doc and projects it

  22. Lessons Learnt • Deadlines for the tasks • Sending across a deliverable on its deadline irrespective of the status of completion • Well- defined roles and responsibilities is important • Importance of having a Macro Plan

  23. Plan for the Fall Semester • Completion of Common test case Identification • Verification and validation of the selected approach to provide the solution for identifying common test cases • Technical Evaluation Report

  24. Questions for the mentors, etc. • Do we have anything for mentors?

  25. Questions for us?

  26. Backup slides

  27. How we are tracking • G thinks that this slide can be removed. Or if not, at least put it up in bkup slides. • - for ctcii think v dont need to say how v track cuz its too trivial • - v can say something on how we are tracking tccs

  28. Processes (we shud delete this) • D and G agreed to remove this slide. Need N’s opinion. • brief and generic overview of some of our processes – I don’t think this is reqd as we don’t really have any other processes except for CTCI and for Meetings • CTCI process we shud put in the bkup slides.

  29. CTCI Process • I’m not sure if this is reqd even for bkup • Explain manual comparision diagrammatically, trying to de-emphasize the manual aspect of this process

  30. Backup slides

  31. Project Overview – Current Scenario

  32. Slide Title to go here Subheading (first level text) Bullet 1 (second level text) Bullet 2 Bullet 3 Bullet 4

  33. The Colours

  34. Picture slide Subheading (first level text) • Bullet 1 (second level text) • Bullet 2 • Bullet 3 • Bullet 4

  35. Example of suggested chart formatting Delete categories / series as necessary

  36. Examples of suggested formatting styles Text box Text box With shadow

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