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  2. Similarities to Middle School • Dedicated teachers & administration • Helpful support staff • Challenging and fun classes • Extra help sessions & varied support • Intramurals, sports and clubs • Exciting school events and trips • Leadership program • Several ways to be involved in your school

  3. What’s different at Pen High? • Larger numbers: approx. 1250 students & 120 staff members • A different timetable with semestered and linear courses • Many electives to try • Homework Club (students with missing assignments are referred for support at lunch) • School and provincial exams • Cocoa & Cram; Kool-aid & Cram – student study sessions & tutorials that occur prior to exams • Open campus

  4. And… • We’re in a beautiful, new 39.5 million dollar facility!

  5. Mandatory Courses ENGLISH TRACK: English 9 Math 9 Science 9 Social Studies 9 P.E. 9 Electives French, Spanish Band, Jazz Band, Choir Recording Studio Art Basketball Dance Foods Drama/Film & TV Digital Media Applied Digital Communications Drama Theatre Performance Leadership Textiles, Textiles Arts & Crafts Technology Woodwork Power Mechanics Drafting Metalwork Electronics GRADE 9 PROGRAM Mandatory Courses FRENCH IMMERSION / PROGRAMME FRANCOPHONE • English 9 • Math 9 • Fr. Imm. Science 9 / Sciences Naturelles 9 • Fr. Imm. Social Studies 9 / Science Humaines 9 • Fr. Imm. 9 / Francais Langue Premiere 9 • P.E. 9

  6. Course Selection Sheet

  7. Math courses Please see the chart below regarding the math programs at Penticton Secondary. We encourage students to take the most challenging courses in which they are capable of succeeding. Please talk to your child’s math teacher or guidance counsellor if you have any questions regarding the most appropriate math program for your child.

  8. Linear Vs Semester Format • Linear courses meet every other day for the entire year • Semestered courses meet every day for half a year • Students may have a blended timetable of some linear & some semestered courses

  9. Timetable (Linear Course)

  10. Timetable (Semestered Course)

  11. Support Programs • LEARN CENTRE Case management and academic support for designated and non-designated students who are struggling academically and require extra support. • RESOURCE ROOM This program is for designated students with special needs. • STRIDE This program supports students who are struggling in the regular classroom setting; often these students experience mild to moderate behaviour issues and/or have difficulty attending school regularly. • ABORIGINAL EDUCATION ENRICHMENT This cultural program aims to enrich the education of students with Aboriginal Ancestry. • ESL This language support program is available to students whose first language is not English.

  12. Special Programs • LANGUAGE PROGRAMS Pen High hosts both French Immersion and Programme Francophone students. • ADVANCED PLACEMENT – grades 11 & 12 Advanced academic programs in certain subject areas at the senior level; depending on student achievement in the course, students may receive some college or university credit for the course work. • CAREER PROGRAMS These programs include spotlight sessions, job shadow, work experience, career prep, and apprenticeship. • OKANAGAN HOCKEY ACADEMY A local hockey program whose male and female participants attend Pen High. There are more than 135 students from a variety of countries, including Poland, Russia, Japan, Australia, England, Scotland, Austria, Hungary, the U.S. & Canada.

  13. CLUBS Reach for the Top Debating GEM (Green Earth Movement) Global Awareness Chess Debating Lunch Hour Choir Sun Run CLAY Yoga Pottery Extracurricular ActivitiesStudents involved in activities usually do better in school and like it more! TEAMS • Volleyball • Soccer • Basketball • Rugby • Badminton • Tennis • Field Hockey • Wrestling • Golf • Track and Field • Cross Country Running

  14. Smoking Policy at Pen High • Grade nine students are not permitted to smoke in the designated smoking area just outside of school property at Pen High. • Smoking cessation programs are available to Pen High students.

  15. Technology • Cell phones are not permitted in class • Music devices are accepted in some but not all classes • Students with infractions in this area may be sent to the administration.

  16. Online Safety & Cyberbullying Students are encouraged to be vigilant about • their posts about themselves and others • the photos they take and share online • their digital image or digital tattoo • privacy for themselves, their families and others

  17. Local Resources • The Cyberbullying & Sexual Exploitation Committee has met three times this year and will meet again in early spring. • A Facebook group and website were created to share information with parents and students: find them on FB or visit cyberawareness.org

  18. Transition Together with middle school staff, Pen High is working to improve transition to high school for all students What we’re doing… • Parent meetings • Elective Visit @ Pen-Hi (Feb. 1st) • Course selection visits (January-February) • Counsellor/Math teacher meeting (April) • Reverse Verification Reports & Course Changes (April) • Amazing Race – super fun grade 8 evening visit (May/June) • Club Launch – to create awareness about clubs and to encourage students to join them (Sept.) Transition Activities occur throughout this year and throughout your child’s first year at Pen High

  19. Future Lakers… There are so many reasons to be excited about joining Pen High in the fall. We are happy to have you!