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  1. Characters 8th grade Mrs. Cline – Mrs. Coverdale

  2. Character A character is a person or an animal that takes part in the action of a literary work.

  3. Protagonist • The Protagonist is the main character in a literary work • Can you name some famous Protagonists that are found in literature?

  4. Antagonist • The Antagonist is a character or force in conflict with a main character, or protagonist.

  5. Do you know your Antagonists??? • On your paper take a few minutes to write down some Antagonists that you can recall from movies, television shows, and video games • Remember the Antagonist is in conflict with the Protagonist or, main character! • Helpful hint – you should now know why people use the saying “Don’t antagonize me!”

  6. Flat character: a character not fully developed. Usually not the main character. • Round character: a fully developed character with many sides, like a real person. Types of characters

  7. Flat character: a strong, silent soldier. We never find out much about him. • Round character: a strong, silent soldier. We learn his reasons for joining the war. We learn about his childhood, his fears, and his emotions. He becomes like a real person to the reader. Example

  8. In order to create a round character, you need lots of details. • Create a fictional character by filling out the following form. Your character should be different from you in every way possible. • My Round Character • Character’s Name: • Hometown: • Favorite food: • Biggest fear: • Goal in life: Application

  9. Static character: a character who does not change throughout the story. • Dynamic character: a character who changes in some way in the story. • Note that round and flat are different from static and dynamic. A round character can be static, and a flat character can be dynamic. Types of characters

  10. Static character: a murderer on death row whose only regret is that he got caught. • Dynamic character: a murderer on death row who comes to know God and repents for his sins. Example

  11. We will now make your round character a dynamic character. • Imagine your round character has to confront his biggest fear. In a paragraph, tell how he would change from that experience. Application

  12. More about characters • Major Characters - Individuals who are essential to the story’s action.  Attention and concern are given mainly to them.  • Minor Characters – People who are not very important to the plot, but whose presence helps develop the story in some way. 

  13. Characters