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  1. Characters Book by: S.T. Underdahl Presentation by: Marissa

  2. Josey Josey is the main character and is 15 years old. She has two brothers, one older and one younger. Then, one day, she finds out from her mom that she has a sister much older than her! Although Josey is excited about meeting this new sibling she has never seen before, she is hesitant too. It seems to Josey that her Mom is now more interested in her secret sister, Audrey.

  3. Audrey Audrey is Josey’s sister who is about ten years older than Josey. Josey’s parents had Audrey when they were teens, so they had to give Audrey away right when she was born. Audrey grew up and had a good life with her family that adopted her. One day, Audrey wanted to meet her birth family and was surprised to hear that her birth mother had three children later. So, Josey’s family, Audrey and her fiancé decided to meet up in Mexico. Audrey is especially happy to meet Josey.

  4. Audrey and Josey’s Mom Josey’s Mom was the most surprised to hear that Audrey wanted to meet their family after 25 years of never hearing from her. Josey’s mom wanted everything to be perfect when they meet Audrey; which means Josey has less attention from her. Josey’s mom loved Audrey very much from when she set her eyes on Audrey, and she wants Audrey and Josey to not only be the best of friends, but like they have known each other as sisters for since when Josey was born.