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GERMAN TECHNOLOGY. Christopher Bone & Evan Larsen. Key Topics. Brief History Seed Companies Chemical Companies Machine Technology. History. 3 Major Factors The amendment in 1993 of Germany’s genetic engineering law Brining Back Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

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  1. GERMAN TECHNOLOGY Christopher Bone & Evan Larsen

  2. Key Topics • Brief History • Seed Companies • Chemical Companies • Machine Technology

  3. History 3 Major Factors • The amendment in 1993 of Germany’s genetic engineering law • Brining Back Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research • Bio-Regio competition

  4. Bio Regio Competition

  5. Seed Sales • Ranks among world leading plant breeding company • Leader in sales of Sugar Beet Seed

  6. KWS - Expenditures on Research and Development.

  7. KWS - Technologies in Plant Breeding

  8. Seed • KWS Main Crops Sugar beet + Corn + Oilseed rape + Wheat + Rye + Barley + Oats + Triticale + Sunflower + Pulses + Field crops • Bayer Crop Science Carrot+Onion+Tomato+Leek+Melon+Cucumber+Watermelon+Lettuce

  9. Seed Coating SATEC • Adhesives • Fungicides • Insecticides

  10. Seed Coatings

  11. Bayer Seed • Nunhems is the brand name for their vegetable seed. • Market more than 2,500 seed varieties in 28 species • Arize is Bayer’s brand name for rice seed. • One of the leaders in Hybrid rice varieties.

  12. BASF • Corn • Poncho-Rootworm Protection • Crop Star-Armyworms, salinity, heat, and cold • Sugar Beets • Poncho-Millipedes, symphylids, springtails, and foliar pests • Montur- wireworm and 6 week protection from aphids • Wheat/Barley • Redigo-Funguses • Raxil-Better Stand • Rape Seed • Prosper-Flea beetle control and fungus control • Elado-Aphids and root flies

  13. Chemical Ingenuity Bayer # 2 in Fungicides #3 in Global Herbicides #1 in Conventional Herbicides BASF Research Dating Back to the 1800’s

  14. Herbicide Programs in Corn • Potentially 50-500 weed seedling per a meter squared that compete with the corn crop • Fat hen, knotgrass, barnyard grass, hairy finger grass, bristle grasses, black nightshade, common amaranth, common chickweed, mayweeds, annual mercury, velvetleaf, gallant soldier, couch grass, and thorn apple Fat Hen Gallant soldier

  15. Chemical Programs • Bromoxynil-Buctril 2,4-D., Dicamba • Metolachlor-Dual • Pyridate • Terbuthylazine **Atrazine was banned in Germany in 1991

  16. Rape Seed • Less than 2% contamination • Less than .1% contamination from same seed family • Expect $50 an acre to control weeds -Primary Chemical

  17. Adopting New Technologies Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Bayer’s Liberty Link **Saves Roughly $10 an/acre in corn and $14 an/acre in rapeseed

  18. Mechanical Technology • Nearly 340,000 visitors came in 2007 • Hannover Germany showcases some of the ingenuity of equipment ideas in all of Germany and the World.

  19. Machinery Technology Global Positioning System • 30 Satellites • More adopted by Eastern Germany • U.S. Units are being made universal

  20. AMAZONE -Iowa State University owns equipment from this company -Largest planter is 12 rows. Rauch Agriculture -Fertilizer Spreaders -More than100 registered and pending patents Fertilizer and Seed Equipment

  21. Large Equipment Fendt-Bought out by AGCO 1997 -Vario technology (IVT) Claas-1936 developed one of the first combines -1973 First self propelled chopper Krone -Innovation in hay equipment

  22. Testing Equipment DLG Test Center -Established in 1885 in Gross-Umstadt, Germany -Backed by numerous companies including: John Deere, AGCO, Claas, CNH, and Kubota. -Responsible for roughly 800 tests a year

  23. Final Remarks Technology Is Globalized -Germany Is Adding to the Globalization

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