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Total Recall

Total Recall

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Total Recall

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  1. A WORKSHOP TO EXPAND YOUR MEMORY By Praveen CA Total Recall Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  2. Business Success An accurate and retentive memory is the basis of all business success…. Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  3. Does this sound like you ? “ My memory is not what it used to be. I can’t remember facts and figures the way I used to. I think my memory is deteriorating with age.” Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  4. Does this sound like you ? “ I can’t remember names and faces. I go for an important meeting, get introduced to few important clients and instantly forget their names. The next time I meet them, I struggle to remember their names and I fail miserably.” Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  5. Does this sound like you ? “ Remembering telephone numbers, style numbers, pattern numbers, sizes; in fact remembering all sorts of numbers is very important to the job I do. Yet I have difficulty in remembering numbers. I wish someone could teach me an easy way to remember numbers.” Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  6. Do you sound like any of them? Would you like to sound differently? Be Different Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  7. Would you like to memorise anything you want to, effortlessly? Would you like to impress your boss, your colleagues and more importantly your premium clients and bring in more business? In short, would you like to give yourself that extra edge you need in business? Would you like to…..? Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  8. There’s one simple, easy solution to all your memory worries…… TOTALRECALL The Workshop To Expand Your Memory The Solution Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  9. The Truth about your Memory The truth is out:The human brain is undisputedly powerful! The capacity of your long-term memory is unlimited!! Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  10. American neurologist Richard M Restak says….. • To tick off the number of items your mind is able to hold, you would need to write a zero a second for 90 years. • The information your brain contains would fill an encyclopedia 10 billionpages long. Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  11. The problem lies with the fact that your memory is untrained. Yes, all you need to do is to train your memory such that you are able to recall any information from your long-term memory effortlessly. Then, where lies the problem? Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  12. A little edge can make an awfully big difference. Successful people are not necessarily smarter than non-successful people. They simply use what we all have more effectively. They have the same memory. Train your memory and you will acquire that edge. The Extra Edge Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  13. TOTAL RECALL TOTAL RECALL- the memory workshop trains your memory to logically and sensibly store information in the vast and permanent warehouse of your long-term memory using the three memory principles. And, trust me, this is easy and fun to do. Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  14. How much does your company spend annually on training your staff? A Million Dirhams? Do you also realize that about 75% of what you teach your people is forgotten? Annual Training Cost Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  15. That means 750,000 Dhs a year is going right down the drain. Teach them to remember first before you put them through any other training. Then they will remember everything they are being taught – and you save 750,000 Dhs a year!! Train on Memory first Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  16. What you will learn at Total Recall • Facts and myths about memory • Proof that your memory is perfect • Understand how memory functions • Different types of memory, their roles and limitations • The memory principles • The memory rules • The amazing mnemonic systems Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  17. How to cure the biggest little nuisance in business: absentmindedness The trick that makes numbers easy to remember How to turn your mind into your daily planner How to remember names and faces Remember speeches and sales reports What you will learn at Total Recall Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  18. Accomplish every one of your daily errands and chores and keep every one of your business appointments without ever searching through pockets or purse for lists or schedules. Deliver sales talks, speeches and business reports while making eye contact with your audience because you don’t have to look down at notes. Quote prices, style numbers, premiums and interest rates without referring to lists. At the end of the workshop you will be able to: Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  19. Recognize the face and know the names of all your clients. Never waste time and money searching for misplaced files, letters and memos. Memorize as many telephone numbers as you want, permanently, taking less than one tenth of the time and effort you might otherwise take. At the end of the workshop you will be able to: Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  20. Memory Seminar in Progress- Capital Club, Dubai Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  21. Memory Seminar in Progress- Capital Club, Dubai Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  22. Memory Seminar in Progress- Capital Club, Dubai Cell: 050 7874725 email:

  23. A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor. - Alexander Smith Final Word! Cell: 050 7874725 email: