by kiland sampa n.
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Dark Nights

Dark Nights

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Dark Nights

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  1. By: Kiland Sampa Dark Nights

  2. My experience • My experience While I was at the camps was torture. The cold nights were hard to bare. Not having a bed or a blanket for your comfort. I never cried because if I cried I wouldn’t stop. The camps were hot, sweaty, and tiring.

  3. Concentration Camps • The camps were not designed to be killing center. But by 1942 six large extermination camps had been established in Nazi-occupied Poland, which were built solely for mass killings. I always would pray 3 times a day that I would not get sent to the camps. Luckily I just had to work the fields. But that could've been just as worst. Not even a break or a drink. Some times I wanted to eat the plants because of starvation.

  4. My mind set • Even though I was in this terrible situation, were I felt like just dying and going to heaven. Because nothing could get worse. Me not eating, drinking, and working day and night. I just knew that god would get me through this

  5. Extermination camps • Witnessing the extermination camps and the gas chambers was one of the most if not the worst thing you could witness.

  6. My wife • I met Carla Samoa at a bar and it was love at first site. They would greet her like dirt . I didn‘t like that. One day the guards smacked her because lack of not working. Me trying to defend my wife we were forced to work extra hours

  7. People trying to escape • I felt bad when I herded people in the pin, thinking of a plan to escape. There plan was to sneak out at night while the guards were at break. The next morning they were found. One came back whipped with multiple soars on his back. One didn‘t come back at all.

  8. Fields • The fields were torture. It was so hot. We had to work for 12 hours without a break. Our only break was to get only 2 swallows of water because of how many people were there.

  9. The journey • I was hot I starved I was just about to give up on everything. But god was there every step of the way. Lucky the war was over and the Jews were sent free over 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust.