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Nights Away Scheme

Nights Away Scheme

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Nights Away Scheme

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  1. Nights Away Scheme An overview

  2. Key concepts of the Scheme • DC already has responsibility for camping and residential experiences • The introduction of • Nights Away Adviser • Nights Away Permit • Notification • Event Passport Nights Away Scheme

  3. Applying for a Permit Four categories of Permit • Indoor • for any Sleepover, indoor Pack Holiday, youth hostelling or similar event • Camp Site • camping on sites where toilets, water and waste disposal facilities are provided • Green Field • for camping where all facilities need to be provided by the camp team – for example, a summer camp on a farmer’s field • Lightweight Expedition • for camping on the move and stopping at new locations on route – for example, hiking, canoeing, cycling Nights Away Scheme

  4. Applying for a Permit • The applicant obtains a copy of • The Nights Away Scheme – An introduction (FS120800) • Application form for Nights Away Permit ( • Application is completed and forwarded to Nights Away Adviser Nights Away Scheme

  5. Applicant FS120800 The Nights Away Scheme – an introduction Fill in and submit an Application For a Nights Away Permit Nights Away Adviser FS120804 Nights Away Permit Scheme – Nights Away Adviser Nights Away Scheme

  6. Applying for a Permit • Assessment of the applicant • ‘fast track’ assessment • practical assessment • based on eight core skills Nights Away Scheme

  7. Eight core skills • Planning a nights away event • Ensuring the effective administration of an event • Preparing and co-ordinating a programme of activities • Choosing and preparing the event team • Choosing, organising and maintaining the right equipment • Ensuing the health, happiness and safety of self and others • Organising good catering • Make best use of the venue Assessment of Applicant by Nights Away Adviser Nights Away Scheme

  8. Applying for a Permit • Nights Away Adviser makes assessment • Recommendation is made to appropriate Commissioner Nights Away Scheme

  9. Nights Away Adviser Assessment & Recommendation FS120803 The Nights Away Permit Scheme - Commissioners Guide District Commissioner Nights Away Scheme

  10. Issuing a Permit • Commissioner considers recommendation and Applicant’s leadership abilities • Permit is issued to the applicant with appropriate restrictions (as necessary) Nights Away Scheme

  11. District Commissioner Permit Applicant Nights Away Scheme

  12. Applicant submits Application Form Nights Away Adviser Practical assessment Fast Track assessment Recommendation to District Commissioner by Nights Away Adviser District Commissioner considers leadership qualities & issues suitable Permit Nights Away Scheme

  13. Operating the Scheme • Home District Commissioner is notified of planned nights away event (information as on Form NAN may be conveyed by a locally agreed method) • If event is not being hosted at facilities owned or operated by Scouting, the host District Commissioner must also be notified Nights Away Scheme

  14. Young people • The Event Passport for older Scouts and Explorer Scouts enables suitably supported young people to lead an event and records this achievement. • A Permit or Passport is NOT required where all participants are over 18 years (eg Scout Network or Fellowship events) - BUT notification is. Nights Away Scheme

  15. Advantages of the Scheme • Reduces red tape – ‘just do it’ approach • Competency ensures quality • Reassures parents/carers and authorities • Acknowledges the skills acquired • Keeps relevant Commissioners ‘in the know’ • Allows young people to undertake a leadership role • Simple to operate Nights Away Scheme

  16. The Nights Away Permit Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions Can I take my young people on a nights away event by myself if I have the appropriate Nights Away Permit? As good practice, we would strongly recommend that there are always at least two adults present at a nights away event, in line with our Child Protection policy and guidelines. If I have a Nights Away Permit does this allow me to camp in prohibited camping areas? No, the prohibited camping areas, as defined in the UK Directory, are out of bounds regardless of the fact that you hold a Nights Away Permit. What information do I need to notify to the District Commissioner? This information required is conveniently listed on a Notification form (NAN) available from the Scout Information Centre by calling 0845 300 1818 or alternatively by downloading it from ScoutBase UK at If I am presented with a Nights Away Permit issued by another District Commissioner, can I accept it? Yes. The assessment process is standard throughout the United Kingdom. Nights Away Scheme

  17. Is a Permit required to lead overnight events for Scout Network Members? No. A Permit is not required provided that ALL of the Members participating in the event are over 18 years old. However, notification, conveying the information listed on form NAN is required to the County Commissioner (or nominee). Is a Permit required to lead events for wholly adult groups? Where ALL members of the party are over 25 years old, no Permit or notification is required. For Scout Network members aged 18 -- 25, no Permit is needed but notification is (see previous). If I am taking my Scouts camping on a Scout site outside my District, do I need to inform the 'host' District Commissioner? No. Because the event is being held on a Scout campsite, notification does not need to be made as someone in authority in local Scouting will already be aware of the event through the booking procedure. How do I find out the contact details of the 'host' District Commissioner? You can telephone the Scout Information Centre on 0845 300 1818. The venue postcode would be useful here. If I am taking Explorer Scouts out on a night hike and sleeping in our Scout Headquarters, do I require a Permit? Yes. You require a Permit it is intended that young people will sleep overnight and arrangements are put in place for this purpose. You should also make the appropriate notification (supplying all the information listed on form NAN) to your District Commissioner. Nights Away Scheme

  18. If I hold a Camp Site category Permit, can I issue a young person with a Green Field category Event Passport? No. You must hold a Permit equivalent to or of a higher category than the Event Passport you are issuing. In this instance you would require a Green Field category Permit. If I hold a Green Field category Permit, do I automatically qualify to lead events in the other three categories? Yes. The Green Field category Permit allows you to lead any category of residential event. If you hold a Camp Site category Permit, you will only be able to lead Camp Site or Indoor category events. If you hold a Lightweight Expedition or Indoor category permit you can only lead residential events within that category. Do I need a Permit to take my young people abroad? Yes, for events for those under 18 years. You will require a Permit suitable for the type of residential or camping event you are leading. Also you will need to complete a Form PC (Abroad) for the trip well beforehand. How long does my Permit last? The length of a Permit's validity is determined by the District Commissioner when issued. The maximum validity of a Permit is five years. Can a Nights Away Adviser be shared between Districts? Certainly. This may be a sensible approach to appointing Nights Away Advisers in some Districts. It would be particularly useful to have a Scout camp site manager or skilled service team member as a Nights Away Adviser. Nights Away Scheme

  19. What is the maximum age for the issue of a Nights Away Permit? There is no maximum age for the issue of a Permit, provided the Applicant can meet the requirements of the assessment. Does the permit holder need to remain on site overnight? Yes. The permit holder remains responsible for the event at all times, and although they might leave site at times during the day (shopping, off site activities etc), they need to be there to be in charge of all nights away elements of the event. Why has there been another review so soon after bringing in the Nights Away Permit Scheme? It was always the plan to review how successfully the Nights Away Permit Scheme had been implemented and was working once it had had the chance to bed in. The idea was never to make huge changes, but simply to try and remove any problems and make the whole scheme run more efficiently and effectively. If I have a hillwalking permit that includes remote camping do I still need a Lightweight Expedition nights away permit? If your hillwalking permit includes remote camping then you do not need a lightweight expedition permit. However this only covers lightweight expedition, so does not automatically cover indoor, campsite or greenfield permits. If your hillwalking permit does not include remote camping then you will need a lightweight expedition nights away permit or to get a hillwalking permit that includes remote camping. Nights Away Scheme

  20. Why can't nights away passports be given to adults? Nights away passports were designed to ensure that the valuable tool that is young person led residential experiences could continue to take place. If an adult has the skills to run a nights away event they should get themselves a nights away permit. If they don't have the skills to get a nights away permit then they shouldn't be running a nights away event! Why do Nights Away Advisers now need to hold a permit themselves? All Nights Away Advisers need to have the technical skills and knowledge to be able to carry out their role. Holding a nights away permit shows that they have these skills. Why is there no photo on the new permit card? By putting a photo on the permit card it is seen by some as a photo identification card. We do not manage the cards in the way that photo identification cards need to be managed, so anyone could get hold of one and put any photo and any name on it. This is a situation we don't want as it could be quite dangerous, but can be eradicated by removing the photo from the permit card. The permit card was designed as a miniature certificate rather than an identification card, and this is not lost by removing the photo from the card. Can you expand on why the Permit holder does not need to have a valid first aid qualification at the time of assessment? The actual need is to have accessible first aid cover for the activity, rather than attaching that requirement to the permit holder. So in the same way you would not expect the event leader to do all of the cooking, putting up tents, running the programme, emptying the toilets etc it does not have to be the permit holder with the first aid qualification as long as it is provided somewhere within the leadership team. Nights Away Scheme

  21. Why aren't nights away permits section specific? The assessment for a nights away permit is on an individual's technical and personal abilities to run quality nights away experiences. It is then easy for them to include Leaders of any section, especially if they don’t have much experience with that section personally, to ensure the programme etc is relevant for the young people involved. So in the same way you would not expect to see someone with a climbing permit only allowing them to take Cubs climbing, you would also not expect to see someone with a nights away permit only allowing them to take Cubs camping. Permits will be recorded on the Membership Services Database. Who has access to see whether a person holds a Permit and how does that fit in my District Register where we currently hold records of permits? We are hoping to have the ability to record Activity Permits available in the near future, but until then you should carry on recording permits locally. Access to view details of nights away permits will be the same as current access to view details is. This will allow people with County appointments to see details for everyone in their County, and District appointments for everyone in their District. A list of records of all those in a District or County with a nights away permit can be pulled off to show which permits are coming up to their expiry date. As with the rest of the Membership Services Database development is ongoing that will lead to more functionality in finding, sorting and displaying records of those with Activity Permits. Why do campsite wardens or managers not check my nights away permit card? The approval for nights away events (as with all activities) lies with the home District Commissioner, not the campsite warden. It is not possible to make campsite wardens responsible for this approval as they have no line management responsibility for the people concerned, and when people stayed at non Scout centres or greenfield sites such as farmers fields there would be no one to give approval for the event to take place. Nights Away Scheme