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Bell Work

Nice to meet you !. Bell Work. 复习. fù xí. review. Question Word: Who. 谁. shéi. Who?. 家人 : Family Members. jiā rén. 爸爸. 妈妈. bà ba. Mā ma. 哥哥. 妹妹. gē ge. meì mei. 你. 家人 : Family Members. jiā rén. 姐姐. = Older sister. jǐe jie. 弟弟. = Younger bro. dì di. 家人 : Family Members.

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Bell Work

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  1. Nice to meet you ! Bell Work

  2. 复习 fù xí review

  3. Question Word: Who 谁 shéi Who?

  4. 家人:Family Members jiā rén 爸爸 妈妈 bà ba Mā ma 哥哥 妹妹 gē ge meì mei 你

  5. 家人:Family Members jiā rén 姐姐 = Older sister jǐe jie 弟弟 = Younger bro dì di

  6. 家人:Family Members jiā rén 奶奶 = Grandma (Dad’s side) nǎi nai 爷爷 = Grandpa (Dad’s Side) yé ye

  7. Do you have younger brothers? 你有弟弟吗? yǒu

  8. How many sis/bro do you have? 你有几个弟弟? yǒu gè jǐ

  9. 家人:Family Members jiā rén 狗 = gǒu 猫 = māo

  10. How many dog/cat do you have? 你有几只狗? yǒu zhī jǐ

  11. 复习 fù xí review

  12. 中国菜 cài 不好吃 好吃 chī chī 饺子 Jiǎo zi

  13. 中国菜 cài Fried Noodle Noodle Soup Fried Rice 汤面 炒饭 炒面 chǎo fàn chǎo miàn tāng miàn

  14. Meat 牛肉 鸡肉 猪肉 jī ròu zhū ròu níu ròu

  15. 美国菜 cài 三明治 比萨 汉堡 bǐ sà hàn bǎo sān míng zhì

  16. 美国菜 cài 炸鸡 zhà jī

  17. 饮料 yǐn liào 奶茶 咖啡 茶 kā fēi chá nǎi chá

  18. Sentence Pattern 我喜欢吃 +Food chī 我喜欢喝 +Drink hē

  19. Song Writing & Singing Use the melody of “if you are happy and you know it” to sing about what you and your family likes to eat. (You may work with a partner)

  20. Singing 唱歌 chàng gē

  21. Song Writing & Singing 我的爸爸喜欢吃汉堡 我的妈妈喜欢吃巧克力 我喜欢喝咖啡 我不喜欢奶茶 我的姐姐喜欢喜欢吃炒饭

  22. Character Practice 汉字练习 hàn zì liàn xí Practice

  23. Praise from 许老师 你们很棒! bàng nǐ mén You guys are great !

  24. Individual Practice • On the back of your bell work, answer the following question in 汉字。 你家有谁? jiā yǒu shéi Who is in your family?

  25. Success Class Rule • We will meet in this room first and then move to the second floor of the gym. • Be here on time. • You may chat with your friends while jogging/running. • No food and cell-phone is allowed.

  26. Activity: Two Truths, one lie • Step 1: Write down three statements about you on the index card. • Step 2: One statement has to be a lie while another two are true. • Step 3: Read your statements and let other guess which one is a lie.

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