defence strategic support management n.
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Defence Strategic Support Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Defence Strategic Support Management

Defence Strategic Support Management

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Defence Strategic Support Management

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  1. Defence Strategic Support Management

  2. Support Definition The full range of support activities (including, personnel support, logistics support, equipment support, computer information system support, infrastructure support, legal support, medical support, etc) that maintain military capability at pre-planned availability, readiness and sustainability profiles through its whole life and end-to-end. Logistics Process Owner’s Vision All levels of operational command have confidence that the right support will be delivered when needed, now and in the future.

  3. Maritime Component NAVY Cmd Land Component ARMY Cmd Air Component AIR Cmd The E2E Logistics Process CDM Defence Logistics Board Joint Theatre of Operations Coupling Bridge Joint Force Logistics Component PJHQ DSCOM PJHQ DE&S Industry JFC Cmd Defence Support Network All levels of operational command have confidence that the right support will be delivered when needed, now and in the future. Operational Success

  4. Logistics Process Owner’s Mission Develop and govern the Logistics Process to ensure the delivery of agile, responsive and optimised Logistics support that meets Operational Commanders’ requirements at the point of need, in a cost effective manner, now and in the future.

  5. ACDS (Log Ops) Roles and Tasks Operational Analysis Finance & Corporate Services Industry Engagement Governance Ensure Logistics success in support of Afghanistan (& current operations) Strategic Logistics Planning to support contingent operations Logistics Strategy and Policy Joint User for Defence Logistics - Requirements Logistics Information Services Policy Contractor Support to Operations International Logistics Engagement Logistics Operational Assurance Logistics Concepts and Doctrine

  6. Op TELIC Redeployment Op HERRICK Redeployment

  7. Defence Operating Model Prime Minister & National Security Council Defence Secretary & Ministers Defence Board SofS, Min, PUS, CDS, DGFin, CDM, 3 NEDs Direct Head Office Strategic requirement & budget Proposed solution Agree solution & budget Proposed solution CDS directive Defence Business Services Enable Generate and Develop Operate Requirement Operations specific requirement Navy Command Defence Infrastructure Industry Systems & services Force Elements Operations Land Command PJHQ DSF DSTL Air Command Within Joint Forces Command Joint Forces Command Acquire DE&S Requirement & budget Joint training requirement Account

  8. Defence Reform Landscape • Tighten Financial Management • Empowered Single Services lead planning for equipment and support • 4* Joint Forces Command • DE&S Materiel Strategy Programme • Whole Force Concept

  9. JFC VISION JFC brings together unique military and civilian strengths to support the delivery of success on operations. We do this through people who command, understand, learn, innovate and adapt. JFC MISSION - Command, direct and prepare assigned joint capabilities in readiness for employment by the designated Joint Force Commander, and in support of defence outputs. - Develop joint warfare through education, assessment, operational lessons analysis, research, experimentation, concepts and doctrine to ensure the delivery of relevant, agile, balanced and coherent joint operational capability. - Co-ordinate the development of joint contingent capability and inform future joint contingent capability against DSD and DBSO3. - Act as the unifying Joint User for single service enabling capabilities in order to ensure their effective delivery as part of a balanced and coherent joint operational capability. • Inform and advise on joint operational capability in order to shape future Joint Force design. • In order to ensure the coherence of the Joint Force and the employment of Joint Enablers.

  10. Defence Strategic Support Management