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Clean Air Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean Air Project

Clean Air Project

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Clean Air Project

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  1. Clean Air Project How does Asthma affect the teenage body?

  2. Project Overview Summary: It is estimated that more than 80,000 people in the KC area have asthma. In WyCO bronchitis and asthma among children from birth to age 17 ranked 10 among the top 20 most frequent conditions treated at community hospitals. Students are challenged to assess the air quality of their home and community and provide remedies to promote community awareness and to help citizens understand the magnitude of the asthma problem.

  3. Assessment Map

  4. Making Products Public • Write a letter to a :A) Community organization, asking how can they assist with the problem B) Local government, asking what is being done to address the problem • Design informative pamphlet that can be distributed to members of the community. • Create a Youtube video that outlines the air quality assessment and what can be done to improve air quality

  5. Lesson Planning Day 1-2 Day 1: Entry Event: Tedtalk.Dishman Defining Health Care System Individual- creating healthcare agency flashcards (name, definition, picture) Partnerwork- healthcare agency bingo Day 2: Recall Healthcare systems, using your flashcards complete the following Partnerwork/Group work protocol

  6. Lesson Plan Day 3-4 Day 3Jigsaw ProtocolHealth Care System jigsaw Day 4Group poster on Healthcare Systems in WYCO (Health Care Facilities, Government Agencies, non-profit/volunteer agencies) -What are the local health care facilities? -What does each facility do? What part does each play in the healthcare system? -What is my part in the healthcare system? What personal experience can you share? -What are they and what part do they play in the larger healthcare system? -What government agencies are involved in the healthcare system? -non-profit/volunteer ;What part do these play?

  7. Lesson Plan Day 5-8 Planning for presentation Group/partner work time Presentations Peer evaluations

  8. Lesson Plan Day 9 Day 9-Entry event: Peak Flow Meter video survey: students that have been told they have asthma, students that still have asthma, students requiring treatment.children living with Asthma video quick write assessment -peak flow outcomes Day 10*Teacher model of Maps(State of KS, county)*What's the problem? What are you going to do about it?“Won Choi Health Disparities PPT” visual displayed (Rankings MAP) can summarize or paraphrase asthma disparities locally (WYCO, JO, KCMO)1. Quick write assessment2. Journal asthma severity

  9. Resources from KUMC Peak flow meters from the respiratory therapy department (week of 9/25) Tour of the facility with specific interest in PT, RT,CLS,Health info (week of 9/25) Date of project competition( __________) Local Civic/community leaders, government officials, and school administrators contact information.