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Early Years Stretched Offer Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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Early Years Stretched Offer Requirements

Early Years Stretched Offer Requirements

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Early Years Stretched Offer Requirements

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  1. Early Years Stretched OfferRequirements • Introduce a stretched offer to be available to parents of children eligible to take up the free entitlement from September 2012 • The DfE announced a review of the code of practice however HCC aim to still have a flexible model of delivery

  2. What do we want to achieve? • Equitable & transparent – easy to understand • Participation led – funding follows the child • Improve fit between parent demand & flexibility of funded hours • Support sufficiency of early years education provision

  3. What are we proposing?

  4. In additionwe are proposing

  5. How would this work?

  6. Claiming and Payment

  7. Questions?

  8. The 2 Year Old Offer

  9. Aims • To provide free, good quality, early learning and childcare places for the most disadvantaged children and narrow the gap in educational achievement with other children in the Local Authority • To encourage the most hard-to-reach families to access services and improve outcomes for parents, signposting them to appropriate services • To increase the take-up of the free entitlement for three and four year olds

  10. Background to the Offer 2 Year Old Pilot • Starting in September 2009, 2 Year Old Pilot to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable children • Target 15% across the UK, based on economic deprivation • Hampshire: free early education, family support and outreach to 268 children • Living within the pilot areas Havant, Gosport (Phase 1), New Forest (Phase 2) and Rushmoor (Phase 3) • Meeting both primary & secondary criteria

  11. Pilot take-up A total of 1094 children have received funding since the pilot began:

  12. 2 Year Old Pilot • DfE consultation recently closed suggesting possible statutory changes to the current offer by September 2013: • An increase to the offer of free places to disadvantaged two year olds (September 2013 at 20% and September 2014 at 40%) • Eligibility criteria may move to those families eligible to mirror Free School Meals (FSM) criteria, Children in Care (CiC). There may be some scope to include other children identified as disadvantaged • 15 hours / countywide offer / may be stretched

  13. 2 Year Old Offer - Hampshire For Hampshire: • September 2012: move towards a countywide offer to 1000 two year olds, for up to 15 hours per week funding (which may be stretched). Continuing with existing child eligibility criteria. • September 2013: Approx 2100 two year olds, for 15 hours per week. Anticipated new criteria of FSM and CiC. • September 2014: Approx 4200 two year olds countywide.

  14. Referral process Who can access the offer? Both criteria A and B must be met A) Parent/carer must be in receipt of one of the following benefits or credits: • Income Support • Income based Job Seekers Allowance • Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the Family Element (Child Tax Credit only, at over £545 per year) • Extra Working Tax Credit relating to a Disability • Pension Credit

  15. Referral process • The Hampshire 2 Year Old Offer Request Form must be fully completed for each child • Guidance notes are available • Referrers are required to check evidence of eligibility and include these details on the request form • Both parent/carer and referrer are required to sign the relevant declaration for the request to be processed • The completed form should be sent to the local Services for Young Children office (addresses are listed at the end of the form)

  16. What happens next?

  17. What support is available? For parents: • Referrers are asked to identify any parent/carer who may require support with finding a placement for their child • We request that referrers support & check a parent/carer has arranged a placement for their child • For any parent/carer needing support, this will be available from the SfYC CFIT outreach workers For childminders: • NCMA network will provide support • SfYC childcare development team support

  18. Providers • Approved providers – settings & all accredited Quality Assured Network Childminders • High quality - Ofsted ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ • Sign-up process – Childcare Development Co-ordinator (CDC) • Key Performance Indicators form • Support networks (e.g. termly support evenings, birth – 3 networks, etc)

  19. Family Support • Children’s centres services • Support to access wider community services • Increased confidence of parent / carer • Signposting to other agencies • Signposting to skills, training & employment • Improved outcomes for parent / carer • Intensive family support with good relationship with family

  20. Discussion • The funding and support is directed at the most disadvantaged families/children. In groups discuss: • What are the benefits? • What are the challenges? • What impacts will there be to…? • your role, • parents/carers, • children, • anyone else?