g4mice tof reconstruction kek test beam analysis update n.
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G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis Update PowerPoint Presentation
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G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis Update

G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis Update

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G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis Update

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  1. G4MICE TOF Reconstruction & KEK Test Beam Analysis Update Aron Fish Tracker Phone Conference May 25, 2006

  2. MICEModel work in G4MICE • The MICEModel in G4MICE is used to represent any stage of MICE in any level of detail. • Representations of the model are produced for specific purposes (Simulation, Reconstruction, Visualisation…). • At present the only code and files implemented for the MICEModel are “Detectors Only” for the KEK Test Beam analysis. • After the KEK analysis is finished we will move to a full MICE, stages 1-6, each with a “single” Model set up. • The Model allows us to have the same geometry for the Reconstruction of Data and Geant4 Simulation, so that they can be compared. • Configuration files have also been implemented, which lists the location and orientation etc. of each module in the MICEModel (TOF, SciFi…) with respect to the other modules. • I believe Terry Hart (with help from others) is now getting involved in the MICEModel work, so this should help a great deal. • Full a complete description of MICEModule, see M.Ellis talk (Software PC, 17th May 06)

  3. KEK Test Beam Set Up (Ellis, Fish) Solenoid ACC T1 Counter Pb Diffuser R1 Counter

  4. KEK Test Beam Set Up (Ellis, Fish) D1, D2 (Orange) TOF Hodoscope (Blue & Green Slabs) Solenoid Solenoid (White) ACC T1 Counter Pb Diffuser 4 Tracker Stations (Blue Circles) R1 Counter

  5. Reconstruction Update • Plan: To have a fully G4MICE based reconstruction of the KEK test beam data for CM15. • Myself and Malcolm are currently working on this with input from others. • Currently, the TOF Decoding & Cabling files & code have now been written matching the format used in the MICEModel code, which has also been made to be compatible with the files from the Osaka group for the Test Beam analysis. • TOF calibration code & files is work in progress. • The TOF Reconstruction code (“TofRec”) has now been produced and is working up to the level of “TofSlabHits”. • Still a few bugs to fix, so we can get a higher level of reconstruction up to “TofSpacePoints”.

  6. Plots of KEK data… • Here are some initial plots from this morning to show we are reading the data files from the KEK test beam and seeing hits (ADC Distributions on PMTs). This has not been studied properly so I won’t talk about it now, a better description and hopefully full TOF analysis (& SciFi, to some level) will be ready by next weeks Tracker Phone Conference.

  7. Next Steps… • Finish Calibration work previously mentioned. • Finish Reconstruction of KEK data (ScFi & TOF). • Start implementing a new set of code in “DetModel” (Geant4 stuff) so that we can run a Geant4 simulation of the KEK test beam. • Test each stage of the Reconstruction (hits, clusters, points, tracks, matching) of the Geant4 simulation of test beam. • Test Reconstruction of real data (TOF & SciFi). • Perform full analysis of KEK test beam (CM15)