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Learn How Online Pre-Employment Screening Works PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn How Online Pre-Employment Screening Works

Learn How Online Pre-Employment Screening Works

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Learn How Online Pre-Employment Screening Works

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  1. Learn How Online Pre-Employment Screening Works

  2. A pre-employment screening is an investigative procedure of looking up records of an individual.It does not simply check for criminal records, it also includes education and employment history, civil records, property records, and references that are available.

  3. To conduct a pre-employment screening either you run an online pre-employment screening or ask background check companies to do it for you. Run an online pre-employment screening on a certain individual that you wish to know more about, the easiest yet most important thing to do is to find a reliable background check website.

  4. Next, type in their first name and last name to start your search. Then, with the name you typed, there are filters to apply to your search in order to narrow down the results.

  5. But first, what are filters? Filters are what helps you narrow down the search when doing background checks. When you run a background check, the results are massive. Chances are, you won’t find the person you’re really looking for.

  6. That’s why, every time you run an online re-employment screening, make sure to apply filters. Examples of filters are: age, state, etc. Filters differ on every background check website, so be sure to find a user-friendly background check website.

  7. Lastly, remember, there are also restrictions on running an online pre-employment screening such as not using it to stalk someone or steal their identity. It can’t be used also in spying your spouse or finding the GPS location of an individual. After all, each tool has their own limitations and it is not designed for illegal purposes.

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